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2020 has been rough, but there are still ways to remain optimistic. (Photo courtesy of Michele Acosta)

With 2020 playing out as it has, negativity may be on many people's minds. “2020 Ain’t Cancelled” was a weekly event that took place every Monday in November that focussed on elevating the mindset of optimism for the year 2020.

“2020 Ain’t Canceled,” exemplified the many different ways to confront issues and find ways to change our mindset especially during quarantine. For example, rediscovering our career paths and reevaluating our lives are themes seen throughout the event.

“Whether it is a year or moment in time or something that just happens to you, wherever you are, if you don’t have a good attitude about it and if you don't exercise the muscle of optimism, then it becomes challenging to realize that the season that you’re in is temporary,” event organizer Blaire Hervey explained.

Throughout the event, Hervey stressed that people may feel stuck and begin to think that their negative situation is permanent. She explained how that feeling has to do a lot with the sense of hopelessness. “I think that's where a lot of folks get stuck; they're just like 'this is the worst thing in the world. It's the end of the world. It's not going to get any better,'” Hervey said.

Hopelessness goes a long way in a year like 2020, where dwelling on the bad of this year can create a negative mindset, and this event showed how going into the unknown is something you have to understand to thrive in a year like this.

Advisor Gabriela Morder said, “I try to implement the thought of rolling with the punches. I can’t sit and dwell on why something didn't go right because then I am missing out on the opportunity of trying to fix things. Having an optimistic mindset is important so that you don't lose yourself to that negativity, it's all about being able to say 'this is happening', and understanding the situation, then realizing you need to get through it so that you are not stuck in that situation.”

Hervey explained that people can change their habits and mindset that can benefit them when there are feelings of loneliness.  

“When you are exercising that muscle of optimism and creating some positive habits to be able to tap into, you can go through these down moments and you will have those habits to get you through that situation,” Hervey said.

Stan State student Cathy Abregana has created her positive mindset by finding hobbies that don’t make her feel alone. She has made a good routine that gets her through the day without feeling sad during hard times. She also removed people from her life that made her feel less-than, which was the starting point for her positive mindset.

“My mindset has definitely changed due to the thought of feeling alone during the quarantine. I feel now I am in my own best interest, and I feel like I should do whatever I want to do because it makes me happy,” Abregana said.  

2020 is not canceled. It can be a year of hopefulness and confidence about the future and the successful outcome of something. It can also be a year of developing new habits and routines, making new friendships, growth, independence, hope, and positivity.

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