Rec center weight room

The rec center weight room at Stan State.

If you're looking for ways to exercise on campus this semester,  (SRC) has you covered. SRC is a full-time facility for all students that offers many ways to get your body moving and improve your physical activity abilities.

Scientific studies show that regular exercise provides college students with many benefits including better focus, lower stress, increased energy, and sharper memory, and that  Campus Recreation offers a full gym with machines, weights, group classes, also called Group X, intramurals, aquatics, and many other opportunities. 

Rec center court

The rec center court room at Stan State. 

SRC's mission is to aid all students in their pursuit of health and wellness by reducing stress associated with the daily challenges of their lives. They evaluate the best way to meet students' needs as they pursue academic success in school.

“I usually come here a couple of times a week to play basketball and use the weights,” says Anthony Ramierez (junior, Criminal Justice). He added he likes to get a workout in early in the morning before class.

When asked about what he likes about campus recreation he said, “It’s usually not too crowded and I can work out with my friends.”

SRC is equipped with several cardio machines and weights in their weightlifting room as well as the fitness room. There is also a gymnasium where multiple sports can be played like basketball, volleyball, and badminton. 

Rec center cardio room

The rec center cardio room at Stan State. 

Mariah Isoua (junior, Psychology) goes to the fitness center a couple of times a week as well.

“Whenever I want to get extra workouts in I come to the campus gym and do different activities," she says. “I like the cardio equipment like the treadmill and Stairmaster and I also use weights to lift sometimes.”

With students back on campus, campus recreation looks forward to welcoming more students and is excited to offer more options.

“Intramurals are open to all students and there are constantly different sports for people to be able to register and participate in,” says Macky Morris, an intramural referee. 

Macky Morris playing archery tag

Macky Morris playing archery tag

Intramural sports being offered this semester include Punt, Pass, Kick special event, 7 vs 7 flag football, 5 vs 5 dodgeball, badminton singles, Madden NFL XBOX tournament and Madden NFL PS4 tournament.

These leagues last six weeks between the start and the end of the semester, followed by playoffs and championship games for those sports before the semester ends.

“Intramurals is a great thing to get involved with because it’s a good way to be active and meet new people and just have a fun time,” Morris says.            

Campus recreation offers other free opportunities for students as well, Morris added.

Sign with Campus Rec Events

Signage across campus promotes Campus Rec activities. 

“We also have a program called the outdoor adventures in which people can rent camping equipment or join in on presentations about things like fishing,” she says.

Be on the lookout for posts on their Instagram @campus_recreation for events and more information. Learn more about Campus Recreation at

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