Lindsey's Skin-Care Fridge

Pink skin-care fridge. (Signal photo/ Lindsey Ouk).

With summer right around the corner and the temperature rising, it’s going to be hard to keep things cool. Incorporating a skin-care fridge into your daily routine might just be a new summer staple. 

You may be asking yourself, “Is a skincare fridge really even necessary?” Although skincare items are not required to be placed in cold temperatures and will work fine in room temperature, there is an element of luxury and a refreshing feel one can have when they place their skincare products in a beauty fridge. 

Having a whole fridge dedicated to your skin-care routine can sound a bit excessive, but there are many benefits that might make the investment worth it. Several Turlock locals share their experiences with having a skincare fridge, and how it has changed their daily routines for the better. 

Terra's Skin-Care Fridge

Terra Pen's skin-care fridge essentials include moisturizer, SPF, face masks, jade roller, Gua Sha, and Vitamin C serum. (Photo Courtesy of Terra Pen)

Turlock local Terra Pen shares her love of taking care of her skin and her goal of  always trying to improve the state of her skincare routine. “I used to store my skincare products in the bathroom (bad mistake) and things would start to go bad within months of opening the products. I learned that skincare products should not be in the medicine cabinet of your bathroom and it’s best to store skincare products in a fridge so your products can last longer.”

Having a skin-care fridge can also increase the longevity and effectiveness of certain skincare products. Pen explains how she notices that some of her products had prolonged effects after having them stored in a cooler temperature. “I noticed a big difference with my Vitamin C serum because prior to getting a skincare fridge, the Vitamin C I purchased would become discolored fast and I would have to throw it away without finishing it. I haven’t had to deal with this issue since getting a skincare fridge because it helps prolong my Vitamin C serum’s shelf life, and I always end up finishing the whole bottle,” says Pen.

Chanra's Skin-Care Fridge

Chanra Francisco's skin-care essentials. (Photo Courtesy of Chanra Francisco) 

Turlock Local and Mother-Baby Nurse Chanra Francisco shares how having a skincare fridge with cold products reduces inflammation, puffiness and other pesky problems one might have to deal with upon waking up. 

“I recommend all skincare junkies to have a mini-fridge of their own if they don't have one already. Storing my skincare items in a fridge brings out the most [benefits] from my products. It gives your skincare routine a luxurious aspect by making things feel cool and refreshing. I also noticed that the cool temperature reduces inflammation and redness that I experience when I wake up,” says Francisco. 

Waking up to a puffy and bloated face is not pleasant. In order to combat this issue, Francisco shares how incorporating a skincare fridge to her beauty regimen has prepared her for a long night of work. “Whenever I work night shifts, I notice that my face is still bloated from sleeping all day. Using all the cooling skincare products in my fridge really helps de-puff and tone down the redness I experience after a long rest,” says Francisco. 

If you're planning on purchasing a skincare fridge of your own, here are some great skin-care essentials you can add to your very own skincare fridge. 

Taking care of your skin is an important aspect of caring for your health. You might as well make it a fun by creating your own special routine with products that make you feel good. Your skin will thank you in the future!

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