As the spring 2020 semester progresses, and as we continue to stay home amid recent public health concerns, many students may find it hard to keep their focus on school. Although it would be easy to slack off, Stan State students are finding motivation in a very convenient place: their friends.

A few students revealed how they have found encouragement from their peers. 

“Support from friends is always positive,” said Steve Trapp (senior, Communication Studies). “A good example has been this semester,” Trapp continued. “I tell you, by far, this is the worst semester [for me.] It has been a combination of [being on the] waiting list, financial aid debacles and so on. Therefore, having the chance to lay it all out with friends, to listen and ask for advice will help remove some of the anxieties.” 


Angelina Higares has been able to form friendships through Stan State's Faculty Mentor Program. (Photo courtesy of Angelina Higares)

Angelina Higares (sophomore, Psychology) explained how her friends have helped her stay motivated. “Friends have helped me study in class and stay focused.” 

Senior English major Monica Soria expressed how friends have helped her throughout her college experience. “Having support in college is beneficial due to the fact that, sometimes, we have this doubt within ourselves. The doubt can make us believe [that] what we are doing isn't worth it and [that] we would not be able to even finish," Soria explained. "A small support system comes into play making these thoughts just go away little by little.”

“Friends have helped me in college by creating a second family away from home," Soria continued. "I come from Los Angeles and sometimes it gets pretty lonely with not being able to head home to see my family, yet my friends try to be there for me and help me in any way they can...”

Not only are Warriors finding companionship in this ever so crucial time of the semester and as the world deals with a life-changing pandemic, but they can enjoy the company of their friends and acquaintances all year long. Luckily, this is possible because Stan State has many programs, such as clubs and organizations, where students can go to seek out new friendships. 

Higares spoke about how she found support and resources from other students who are involved in the same clubs and programs as her.

“The Faculty Mentor Program is a club that sets you up for success," Higares explained. "It introduces you to people that are in your major and even sets you up with a teacher that teaches your major classes. They make you feel like a family," Higares said.

"I’m friends with the students and the teachers that are in this program. It is really something everyone should join,” Higares said.

It is important for students to know that programs like the Faculty Mentor Program are available for them and that they don't have to be alone when navigating college. With Stan State Warriors finding support from one another, who can stop them from achieving their goals?

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