Julia Rosas-Nieto

Julia Rosas-Nieto explaining to students how to deal with anxiety. (Signal Photo/ Laura Tadeo)

Yesterday, Housing and Residential Life hosted one their final Coffee With A Counselor group therapy sessions for this semester, a service provided by Psychological Counseling Services (PCS) at Stan State. Students were curious to see what coffee with a counselor was about and attended the session with the topic of School Pressures. During this session, students were able to talk about their stress and share their individual struggles during the semester while enjoying free coffee and croissants in a relaxed environment.

Julia Rosas-Nieto, a counselor for PCS, led the group while also listening to every individual's worries. Booklets were given such as "11 Ways To Relax," "5 Strategies For Self Compassion," and "Mind over Anxiety." Rosas-Nieto presented ways in which to deal with anxiety and also showed students breathing exercises on how to relax in case of an overwhelming situation or panic attack.


Students were given pamphlets on various topics relating to dealing with stress. (Signal Photo/ Laura Tadeo) 

Rosas-Nieto urged the students to be compassionate with others who are struggling in college and then to take their own positive advice. This created a discussion between the students as each shared what they were most stressed about with finals approaching, and they were able to give advice to other students who face similar problems they do.

“The goal of counseling is to help students talk through their problems and help them become independent in the future,” said Rosas-Nieto. “What we want from group therapy is to have a group that is supportive, welcoming, and warm for all of our students so they don’t feel they have to see a counselor one on one in PCS.” 

The students in attendance were very few during the School Pressures session and also in past sessions. Rosas-Nieto explained how how she is trying to develop a new group, a support group for women of color.  She added, “The continuation of group therapy will continue in the upcoming semesters, but the success of group therapy depends on how many students attend.”

Yaritzza Jacobo (Senior, Psychology), who attended the event, said, “I think it was a good experience. I feel like more people need to come to these. It makes me sad that not many more people show up.”

Housing and Residential Life

Coffee With A Counselor sessions are held in Housing and Residential Life. (Signal Photo/ Laura Tadeo). 

Counselor Rosas-Nieto said, “Take advantage of group therapy, it’s a great experience. I think students will get a lot out of it. We just want to help our students and provide them with support." 

The final Coffee With A Counselor group therapy session with the topic “Becoming Independent” will be on May 15 and take place in Housing and Residential Life.

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