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Basic Needs services at CSU Stanislaus offer an extensive and valuable list of services to support students during their time here. Consisting of multiple services, the Basic Needs umbrella provides for students experiencing food or home insecurities while they attend school at Stan State.

Jen Sturevant, Care Manager of the Basic Needs Program brings to light the various programs offered. According to Sturevant, there are four main programs including the Warrior Food Pantry, a food distribution program offered every other Wednesday throughout the semester, a CalFresh application assistance program, and the Campus Cares program for students in emergency situations.

These services are open to all students who are eligible, while programs like CalFresh and Campus Cares are determined on a case-by-case basis. As Sturevant points out, “It’s good to apply or reach out and ask because then we can help, and maybe if you’re not eligible for one we can help you get connected to some community resources.” She does note that several of these pieces do depend on you being enrolled and having a Warrior ID number, however, they do not necessarily need the physical card. So if you are enrolled seek out assistance if it is needed.

Included in these programs is the ability to visit the Warrior Food Pantry located in the Student Services Building in room 128 once a week and obtain up to ten items each week such as produce, refrigerated items, non-perishables, and toiletries at no cost here at the Turlock campus. Aside from that, there is also a monthly pop-up food pantry at the Stockton campus on the first Tuesday of every month.

Along with the Food Pantry are the food distribution boxes offered twice a month. Sturevant mentions this is a “partnership with the California Faculty Association and United Samaritans Foundation that is a supplemental program to the Warrior Food Pantry.” These boxes include around three days-worth of food for three meals.

All students need to do is fill out a form and come by the campus to pick them up. This form is handed out at the food distribution events and is filled out once a semester and will be signed and dated each time you use this service.

Similarly, the CalFresh application assistance program is designed to help with food insecurity and offers students assistance and support through the process of applying for this application.

Lastly is the Campus Cares Program, which provides services to students in emergency situations or who are experiencing a personal crisis. This program can help students gain access to emergency grants, short term emergency housing on campus, emergency food e-gift cards, and get connected to other campus and community resources. According to Sturtevant, this particular program has seen a significant increase in use in light of the pandemic.

If you are seeking to access these services, more information is available here, and you can also contact their email at, or their Instagram at @stanstate_basicneeds. Another means of information is the text alert program where students can text BASICNEEDS to the number 77222 for updates and reminders on events and services offered. Students may also call Basic Needs services at 209-667-3108 which puts you in contact with Zachary Gurr, the Basic Needs Coordinator.

One thing Strurevant wants us to do is spread the word, “let other students know about the services, just talking to other students about it because some people might not know.” Along with that she wants staff and faculty to know that they “are happy to connect staff to resources in the area or any of the six county regions that we serve, we have all of the information.”

Students should know that these resources are available, free of charge. They want to help, so reach out!

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