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On November 15, Stan State hosted the "Eating Healthy on a College Budget" event via zoom. The meeting was hosted by Health Educators Taylor Whitehead and Zachary Gurr and provided students with information aimed at assisting them in discovering ways to have a healthy diet.

“Eating healthy does not have to be expensive.” Explained Whitehead

The meeting brought up how to access multiple resources such as MyPlate, HEP website, Campus Well, and the Basic Needs/Warrior Food Pantry. In addition, information on how to create S.M.A.R.T Goals and how to achieve and maintain better eating habits.

MyPlate is a website in which the basic premise is to remind students on what a proper meal might look like. They have recipes that are diverse and that abide by monetary and time related constraints. The website provides information on what makes a meal healthy and the proper amount of each type of food needed in order maintain a healthy diet.

The HEP website is another online resource that can easily be accessed through the Stan State Health Education Instagram. This website and the articles are free for all Stan State students to access to help understand how to achieve a more rounded nutritional experience!

The Basic Needs/ Warrior food pantry can be located on campus in room 128 in the Student Services Building. According to the CSU Stanislaus Website, the goal of the food pantry is "to decrease the impact that food insecurities have on the academic success of students, as well as helps to alleviate hunger within our campus community." 

The warrior food pantry that provides food assistance for any Stan State students twice a month by offering goods that includes dried foods, canned foods, frozen foods, fresh foods, and personal hygiene products.

Finally, there is also a food box distribution that is offered all you must do is bring your student ID and sign some forms. This needs to be done every semester. The list of upcoming distribution days can be found here.

Whitehead says she encourages all students to take advantage of all these services as students can save money with these resources and the money saved can instead be used towards rent, gas and personal necessities. This can further promote and help students achieve there academic success.

The next Eating Healthy on a College Budget Event will take place on November 18. More information on the event can be found here.

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