Students have diverse upbringings and have been influenced by what marriage is, how it affects children, and how important it should or shouldn’t be. This being said, student’s thoughts on marital status norms differ from student to student.

Angel Higares (freshman, Psychology) shared her experience with her parents being separated from new families. She said, “Of course having a big family is nice but sometimes I wonder what it would have been like if they stayed together?”

Children raised in two different families can cause tension as a result of disagreements. “My dad and stepmom were really harsh on me and didn’t let me do much, but my mom let me do a lot—so it was hard getting used to going to two different homes with to different styles,” added Higares.

There are parents who decide how to raise their kids because of their upbringing –knowing what to avoid and what to cherish about responsibilities of being married with kids. It’s a domino effect.

Children 13 and younger were told to draw a picture of a family this past week from students from the various schools in the Stanislaus and San Joaquin County. The results were very unique and what each one portrays from a child’s point of view is valuable. It gives an idea of their concept of family.

An online poll found with 141 participants on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook found that about 30% of people grew up with one parent. Not only did the users vote but were open sharing the post out of curiosity for results.

Juliana Flores (sophomore, Psychology) describes that marriage is  “Being mentally and emotionally prepared to endure the downsides of marriage as well as the beautiful upsides of a marriage.”

Her experiences not only helped form the person she is but influenced how she will decide for her future. “I grew up with separated parents but that has definitely persuaded me to want to get married and take my time to make sure that is the person I am willing to go through everything with” Flores added.

The structure of marriage can affect the family finances.

Carlos Campos (senior, Business OM) explains his understanding of how divorce or detachment can challenge spending for their college student. He said, “Financially, it can increase the likelihood of arguments regarding money due to differences in opinions and perspectives on the students’ tuition and other payments if their parents are separated.”

Some families show their love for one another through respect and support.

Teri Lunt, Professor of Theatre, Honors, and Communications, defines what she believes the most important aspect of family and marriage is. She said, “Support. No matter what construct your family is, being supportive of each other is critical. If that means mom has to work late, you support that. Understanding and support is number one.”

Her daughter, Margaret Lunt (senior, Art Sculpture emphasis) describes her family structure and how it has affected her life positively “We’re a blended family. Mom had two kids and dad had one kid before they got married and had me and my other brother. They managed to make it work really well so we feel like we are one big family.”

The vows taken require patience, understanding, and many responsibilities but these stories may sway students towards or away from the commitment.

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