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Summer is the time to relax and have a cool drink in hand. This summer though, a drink and mask may be the two items in your hand as you relax! (Signal Photo/ Taylor Hayden)

On May 13 2021, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that individuals do not need to wear a mask when you are fully vaccinated. This does not include federal, state, local, tribal, or territorial laws. With summer arriving, many are anticipating to enjoy their summer just as they had before COVID had even started.  

As for California, the guidelines will stay the same until June 15, when the state will reopen their economy. Until then there are still multiple guidelines that need to be followed regardless of whether or not you are vaccinated. A few community members have tips and ideas on how to keep that in mind.


The biggest regulation that will most likely stay the same during the summer is keeping your masks on in specific designated areas. For now, masks are needed indoors, unless you are eating or drinking, while outdoors is needed for those who are not vaccinated and not keeping the 6 feet distance.  

Doug Hayden, my brother, states what masks he has worn lately in the valley, “I have a light material, breathable, or medical masks. Temperature tends to get hotter during the summertime and the cotton ones will tend to make you sweat more.”

Even though vaccinations are in progress, keeping a mask on you is not a bad idea. SkyLynn Lepore, a member of the community, is one that doesn’t tend to forget. 

Lepore states, “Even in my house or places that do not require a mask, I wear a mask around people I do not know. You do not know who they may have been around.” 


For over a year now, many have come to find that they have new health regimes to keep them self aware and safe during the pandemic. These regimes are great to continue on during the summer. 

Tyler Young, another member in the community, keeps to himself in a few ways, “I find myself being more aware of surface areas. I keep my hands a little bit more to myself rather than resting them on various things.”

Young continues, “I find myself trying to be more courteous of others. I myself may not be so concerned when it comes to people being super close to me. However, I am more aware of my space around people who may be concerned about COVID.”

As for Lepore, hers has been a little different, “I shower when I come home from work or outside and throw my clothes in the washer so I can prevent making others ill in my home.”

While showers have been a friend to Lepore, sanitizer has been a friend to Hayden as he states, “I’ve been cleaning or sanitizing my cell phone more often now. You’re always touching your phone and transferring germs from different places onto it. You don’t want that near your face.”

Be Safe this summer!

With everything opening back up slowly, more people will want to go out. Keep in mind mask regulations and standards of where you go. 

Chelsea Baptista, a Stan Alumni, notices the change already as she states, “You have to do a little bit more preparation before you make any plans. Different businesses are doing things differently.”

As planning may be different this year, Young gives an idea of what could be possible this summer. He states, “You might be able to plan your summer activities to be more outdoors than indoors, since they say it is safer to be in sunlight.”

For more ideas on what to do this summer, Kerry Young, a senior and member of The Signal, gives insight to what many students will be doing this summer in her article

As Batista stated, “Sanitizer is a good idea all the time, COVID or no.” Keep the guidelines in mind and stay safe this summer!

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