Spring break is once again here. Time to settle down, shut down, and break away from those constant online meetings! The pandemic is still here but fret not, spring break can still be fun and relaxing at home. Here are some ways you can have a great staycation this week. 

Get Creative

Ana Zarate (sophomore, Social Sciences) recommends students should try cooking and working on an art project. 

Learning new skills or picking up new hobbies are also fun ways to spend spring break at home. 

“Recreate your favorite fast food dish!” Ramika Badelboo (sophomore, Psychology and Political Science) suggested. Learning to cook your favorite fast food dish provides far more entertainment than simply joining the drive through line. 

Work Out (Your Body and Mind)

“Try new workouts, maybe bike around or do an online class from the Stan gym,” Sherly Yaghoubi (sophomore, Computer Science) suggested. 

Victor Perez (freshman, Undeclared) says he is trying to work on himself by working out at home and working on his truck.

“Work and invest in yourself. Now is the time since we’re on break and have the extra time." Perez advised.  

Spring Cleaning 

Students can use the time they have now to clean out their rooms and houses as a way to prepare for the rest of the semester. 

Natalie Venegas (freshman, Undeclared) says “I'll be cleaning out my room and my home is going to be a fresh start for me.” 

Badelboo also suggests those who engage in spring cleaning can clean out their closets and donate clothes they don’t want or wear anymore. 

For additional ideas on how to pass the time this spring break, read our article from last year! Spring Break: Staycation Style | Community | csusignal.com

Spring break is the perfect time to have fun, relax, and have that time away from school. Have an amazing spring break and stay safe!  

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