Jesus Alvarado

Stan State is the home of beautiful ponds, surrounded by green scenery, tall trees and bridges. (Photo Signal/Jesús Alvarado)

View of a pink tree with the sunset in the background near the Stan State dorms. (Signal Photo/Jesús Alvarado)

Screenshot of Kid Ink's Spotify profile. (Signal Photo/Jesús Alvarado)

CSU Chancellor Timothy White greeted with boos and other chants, such as "Fund the dream!" (Signal Photo/Jesús Alvarado)

Pablos Fuentes, student speaker from CSU Los Angeles, speaking about what a fully funded CSU would ideally provide for the greater good of Cal…

A Sacramento student was given the chance to do spoken word in front of the steps of the Capitol. (Signal Video/Jesús Alvarado)

Students brought light to the one in five students who are food insecure and the one in 10 students who are homeless CSU-wide. (Signal Photo/J…

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