Alyssa Patterson


May 2nd, 2000

Home town


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Fresh starts, new goals and positive vibes filled the campus today. Students at Stan State are ready than ever to kick off this academic year. 

Ana Castaneda and her friends surround her table in the rooftop of Bella Vista in Stockton, California (Signal, Alyssa Patterson).

Tahlaynah Casuga poses with her Sad Girl artwork (Signal, Alyssa Patterson).

Mathew Galvan with his landscape style paintings (Signal, Alyssa Patterson).

Angelina Castaneda and her work had a view of the sunset at the Stockton Social Hour (Signal, Alyssa Patterson).

Steven Stokes (Instagram: @cmk.arts), described his artistic style "Urban, urban, everything urban" (Signal, Alyssa Patterson).

Brittany Alexander accomplishes another Social Hour in a new location, Stockton, California (Signal, Alyssa Patterson).

Paulina Mendez's human canvas blends into her other art work (Signal, Alyssa Patterson).

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