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Graphic by Samantha Tonarelli. 

Stanislaus State's ASI met on Tuesday to discuss a number of topics, including mental health awareness, QPR Training, the CSSA February plenary, the Student Center, upcoming ASI elections, and the lack of available feminine hygiene products on campus amongst other things.

Basic Needs

Trent Murphy, ASI Governmental Relations Student Coordinator, gave the first report of the meeting to discuss February's CSSA Plenary. He began by making mention of Systemwide Advocacy, which focuses on the basic needs.

“Basic needs include food security, housing security, financial stability, health and wellness, child care, transportation, technology and broadband,” Murphy said 

Murphy went on to add that eight CSU schools have received funding to have a support network of creating a partnership with the local housing providers, and that Stan State should try to get involved.

Director of Student Organization Jose Quirarte had a similar report as it related to basic needs and rising prices of many products.

“Today I’ve met with the food distribution workgroup and talked about the food policy flow chart to see if we liked it and [if we will be] moving forward for the approval. They are still talking about increasing the $250 examinations due to the inflation, because $250 is not going to get you so much as it was wherever the contract was made.”

Mental Health Awareness Week

The next report was presented by ASI Vice President Destiny Suarez, Director of the College of Science Shaheen Khan, Director for Diversity Lorena Jorado, and Vice President of Finance Adela Gonzalez. Together, the group focussed the concersation on the upcoming Mental Health Awareness Week, which takes place on March 14. There are various events that will be held during the week, such as Wellness Message on Monday, Stomp Out the Stigma on Tuesday, Destress Fest and QPR training on Wednesday, Warrior Yoga on Thursday, and Writing for Well Being NOONtrition to end the week.       

The group explained that by attending this event, students not only learn more about mental health, but they'll also be able to participate in games and giveaways.

“This will be a quad activity. Students will have to check-in at the ASI booth and participate in passport activity to check out department booths to learn about mental health services on campus,” Khan explained. “Once completed, students will receive prizes.”

Gonzalez followed up by expressing her appreciation for the numerous campus departments and organizations who participate in weekly spirit events. 

“I just want to shout out to all these campus departments who are helping us. This includes PCS, Basic Needs, Health and Wellness, the SRC, and the Student Center.”

Hector Yerena, Humanities and Social Sciences chair, added that he is also excited about the upcoming events such as ASI elections and Mental Health Awareness week and that he will do his best to promote the.

“I’ve been happy to say that I’ve been helping to spreading the news when it comes both ASI Elections and Mental Health awareness week,” Yerena said.

Hygiene Products

Khan reported that she has noticed a shortage of hygiene products, particularly those for women, in several restroom locations across campus. There are also several product dispensers that are broken.

“Last week, I was trying to see if facilities can refill female hygiene products because on the first floor, certain machines do not work at all.”

The next ASI meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 22.

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