Josh Harder coming to campus

Stan State Democrats Flyer of Josh Harder Event (Photo Credit: Public Domain from House of Representatives; Stan State Democrats left and right flyer)

Congressman Josh Harder will host a Town Hall Event at Stan State tomorrow in Bizzini C102 from 4 to 5 p.m., at the invitation of the Stan State Democratic Club.

The club's President Jason Serang (Senior, Political Science) explained why the Stan State Democratic Club is hosting the event. “We are bringing a bridge between the Stanislaus State community and the United States Congress,” he said.

Serang hopes that this event can give students a chance to make a difference. He said, “I hope that this event can give students a newly founded passion for politics so we can understand that they can make a difference.”

Stan State Democratic Party Club Advisor and Political Science Professor, Dr. Stephen Routh said, “I think it’s the major positive aspect of younger people that a member of Congress can directly hear their various concerns.”

Dr. Stephen Routh

Stanislaus State Democrats Advisor and Political Science Professor Dr. Stephen Routh answering questions. (Photo Credit: Randel Montenegro)

Serang also added that educating students more about politics is important. “We are here to educate about the Democratic Party so that students can be educated and understand more about politics and hopefully get involved,” said Serang.

Congressman Harder believed that funding for education is a major concern.

“Cal Grants right now isn’t keeping the costs of inflation. We have to make sure we have a Cal Grant system that is appropriate and well funded, and secondly, to bring back work study programs,” said Harder.

Harder believes that listening to constituents in his district should be a priority. He said, “The first job as a member of Congress is to show up listen to the community and be responsive to the needs of the folks we need to represent.”

Serang said the event will be open to all students and expects student concerns to be addressed.

“We are going to make sure it is open to all students and that anyone can ask him a question and we are bringing access to the Congressman,” said Serang.

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