In the midst of Black history Month, the white nationalist group Identity Evropa has resurfaced on the Stan State campus. In 2017, racial tensions were high at Stan State when these fliers arrived on campus in addition to the presence of Identity Evropa’s founder, Nathan Damigo on campus. Damigo has graduated since, but his message is still on campus.

Numerous fliers have been spotted on campus causing safety concerns for our campus community. Students and faculty have identified these fliers in locations such as Psychological Counseling Services, the Library and the Art Department. UPD has been contacted in regards to this matter. Posting fliers without university approval is in violation of Stan State’s posting policy and students are encouraged to contact UPD if they see these flyers.

In an email sent out on Friday by President Ellen Junn, she said, “You are encouraged not to remove posters, but to take a picture and share it with UPD.”

While Junn’s email did not directly address the White supremacist group, in her email she added, “The campus will continue to meet with students and others to provide ongoing support and information. Ensuring the safety and well-being of our students is of utmost importance and our primary concern. We will continue to take action steps as appropriate.”

Students and faculty are concerned for their safety. There will be a “Teach Out” against white supremacy today in the quad at noon.

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Their poster doesn't show anything hateful. "European Roots, American Greatness." I don't have a problem with being white Americans being proud of their heritage. I don't see anything that makes them white supremacists

Sam Kara

Identity Evropa is known to be a white supremacist group. If you go to their own website, on the about page it says that they believe "ethnic diversity is an impediment to societal harmony," and their main objective is to "create a better world for people of European heritage by effecting cultural change." That's pretty obviously a white supremacist group, even in their own words.

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There's nothing wrong about being proud of one's heritage. You can be proud to be Italian or French and celebrate being English. However, this group does not advocate for these cultural things. They hide behind the slogan "European Roots, American Greatness" in an attempt to hide their white supremacist views. Even so, by adding "american greatness" within that same slogan, they're promoting the idea that America is only great BECAUSE of the people with European heritage.

This entity has had past precedents where their encounters have become violent and mostly violent against people of color. Moreover, they promote the idea of ethnic cleansing and believe that whites should not mix with any other ethnic group. That is the essential concept of white supremacy.

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