Our group in the political communication class at Stan State asked students why voting was important to them and what their experiences have been like with politics in the past. The following is a video compilation of students responding to the question: Why do you think it's important to vote?

With the midterm elections taking place this Tuesday, students are reemphasizing the importance of voting to their peers in their surrounding communities.

 Jason Serang (26), a student in Stan State's Teaching Credential Program and a recent graduate of Political Science said "I actively engage because it's kinda like if you see someone being bullied or abused are you just going to be like that's not my issue and walk away or are you going to do something about it..." 

This is just one example that can be used when it come to demonstrating the importance of voting.

Collin Brown (25), (Senior, Political Science) said, "College students should vote because the reason that college tuition is so high is because we don't vote" 

Many students feel that a vote by someone who has done there research is better than a vote that is based off of name recognition. 

Hayley Simon (26) (Senior, Fine Arts) said, " It's important to pick who represents you; you don't have to vote but you should and vote educated not blindly"

Featured in this video, in order, is Jason Serang (26), a student in Stan State's Teaching Credential Program and a recent graduate of Political Science, Randal Montenegro (19), a freshman in Communication Studies, Collin Brown (25), a senior in Political Science and Hayley Simon (26), a senior in Fine Arts.  

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