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ASI Board of Directors gathered for the first meeting of the Spring semester. (Signal photo/ Nicole Dunlap)


The first ASI meeting, held yesterday evening, included discussions about their budget, money for wellness events, and clubs on campus.

During the meeting, Alec Austin (Director at Large), A’Kia Walker (Director for Athletics), and Andrea Sandoval (Director for Housing and Residential Life) presented a budget proposal for $600 to fund the “Speak Your Mind Event”, which promotes positive mental health and brings  awareness to mental health in the campus community. ASI plans to have counselors available to the students and various presenters during this event.

Alec Austin expressed the importance of students coming to this event so they can learn about the resources that are available to them. “It allows us to show what we have on campus...It allows students to be able to express themselves,” said Austin.

Austin said that while they intend to have counselors and presenters, they have yet to schedule anyone for this event. The $600 will be mainly used for decorations, refreshments, and other miscellaneous items.

ASI President, Maria Marquez asked, “Did you include any fluff money to make sure you don’t exceed your amount?” A’Kia Walker reassured that they intend to be frugal with the money by using leftover supplies as additional decoration and not exceeding the budget.

ASI voted, and the budget for “Speak Your Mind” was approved with 9 members in favor, 0 opposing, and 3 abstaining from voting.

The discussion later moved to talk about the new student union expected to open in 2020. In addition to being a new place for students to hang out, the student union will provide new job openings at both the student level and the professional level.

ASI and USU Executive Director, Cesar Rumayor is optimistic about the new changes and positions that will become available. We can expect to see job openings as soon as this upcoming summer.

Rumayor expressed his desire for more job opportunities for Stan State students including the option of hiring student custodians. “Although it will be more expensive, we have decided to hire students to maintain the buildings,” Rumayor said.

ASI Board of Directors meets every Tuesday at 5 p.m. in MSR 130C. In addition to their weekly meetings, ASI will be holding a “Taco Bout It” event next Tuesday, February 12th, to discuss campus parking. There will be free Tacos.

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