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Students of California State University, Stanislaus (Stan State) have been given the opportunity to utilize an innovative, online network for professional development.

Known as Portfolium, this cloud-based online network is accessible to students and alumni alike. By using a “csustan.edu” email account, access to a Portfolium account can be obtained free of charge.

A three-year agreement was entered between the CSU system and Portfolium. 460,000 CSU students and three million alumni now have the ability to create a Portfolium account.

"Portfolium provides a great opportunity for students to display their academic and professional work to potential employers and also connect with other students and alumni," said CSU Spokesperson Elizabeth Chapin.

What makes the digital portfolios unique is that users can upload presentations, papers and projects that would normally not be showcased in a resume format. The work that is uploaded by users is then shared in an open environment that connects straight to employers, recruiters and companies.

"I would definitely consider making one. It is a great tool to network with fellow students and possible employers who are looking for skill sets that match your experience," said Walter Juarez (senior, Accounting/Finance). "I see nothing but benefit from creating a profile."

Benefits to using Portfolium include skills planning, assessment and reflection, career readiness, employer engagement and networking capabilities CSU system wide.

Once a profile is created, Portfolium will determine its strength. The “Profile Strength Meter” represents how your profile compares to other users on Portfolium.

Other CSUs have had successful launches of Portfolium including CSU Northridge, CSU San Marcos and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. 70 percent of students at CSU San Marcos began building their portfolios within three days of the launch.

With a user friendly design, the online system encourages networking by giving the option to add classmates, faculty members and alumni as connections to maximize you experience.

"Portfolium is just another tool to increase students’ success." said Chapin.

A network specifically created for students and alumni of Stan State can be found at https://portfolium.com/network/cal-state-stanislaus.

Create a free account with Portfolium at https://portfolium.com/.

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