Alex Walker

Alex Walker (senior/Business Marketing) (right) promotes the Modesto Mistlin Honda at Warrior Wednesday. (Signal Photo/Paula Sanchez). 

Stan State students, faculty and staff now receive a seven percent discount off a new car from Modesto Mistlin Honda. The new addition to the Warrior Discount Program launched September 18. 

The program was created by Alex Walker (senior, Business Marketing) back in March as a way to give back to the campus community. 

“I see that we are a commuter college and that there’s a lot of students here that could be in need of a car so I wanted to do what I can to help out the community by offering the discount,” said Walker. 

The entire process began with several meetings at Mistlin Honda and ASI. 

Jocelyn Castellanos, ASI Programs Advisor, said, “Through the Warrior Discounter Program we reach out to businesses that our students request, but businesses also reach out to us if they have a discount that they are trying to promote to our campus community. Mistlin Honda reached out about wanting to be a part of the program and we thought it was a great idea.”

For information about the deal, check out the flyer promoting the discount.

Discount Details

Mistlin Honda offers campus community seven percent off a new car. (Flyer courtesy of Alex Walker). 

Students are amazed that a student brought an opportunity like this to campus.

“It’s pretty amazing...I feel like it would bring name recognition to the campus in how that CSU Stanislaus college students are wanting to fight for something awesome and wanting to be able to give out discounts,” Christian Stallworth (junior, Communication Studies) said.

 Student input for the Warrior Discounter is important as students share the same values and struggles. 

Kayla Mahan (sophomore, Nursing) said, “I can really connect with the student [Walker] because as students we have the same ideals.”

Castellanos encourages students to reach out to ASI to bring in more discounts and benefits for the campus community. 

“Whenever any student has input, suggestions, or ideas on opportunities they want us to provide for other students we always say to send us a quick DM on social media and we will always bring the topic up for discussion. We could also be reached through email at,” said Castellanos. 

Walker hopes to help out his campus community with this discount. 

“What really made me want to do it, was just understanding where I was and how impactful it could be for the campus community to understand that people could continue to pursue their degrees and their passions and I remember my time too, what I didn’t have before,” said Walker. 

For more information or to score the new deal you can contact Walker on Instagram, @alexfromhonda. 

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