Join the Movement. (Illustration by Alyssa Patterson)

Professor David Colnic, chair of the department of political science and public administration, made several statements regarding the updated CFA (California Faculty Association) report at today's Academic Senate Meeting.

Bargaining Survey 

Faculty have been encouraged to fill out a helpful survey, the Bargaining Survey, that will reflect on the individual's perspective on well-known issues for a better upcoming contract.

"This will be the last time you hear me talk about it (the Bargaining Survey). If you haven't filled it out, please fill it out online. If you run into colleagues, ask them to fill it out. As I have mentioned at least three times before, this is used by the bargaining team to determine what packets you want going into the next contract negotiation," said Colnic.

He continues, "...Let me remind you, we are under contract through June 30, 2020. After that we are not under contract, and we can start negotiating sometime hopefully in the spring with our new ideas...please give us that survey so we can be attentive to what you need."

Professor Ann Strahm of the department of sociology reflected on the difficulty of her work load. She strongly believes this survey is a great step in the direction of understanding faculty. 

"I know that I am struggling to do it [the Bargaining Survey] myself. I am overwhelmed will all kinds of work. My experiences with this sort of increasing incursion of bureaucratic things to do. Like, 'you need to have this training, you need to go do that thing, you need to fill out this form.' Some of that is making it difficult to think for a minute about what is important to my work life. I think that tells me I need to fill out the Bargaining Survey."

Summer-Time Pay

Colnic also paid attention to the faculty's recent concern regarding the summertime work paycheck that was not received in a convenient time frame.

"Not the amount paid, the time. We have been talking to the administration about that and we still are talking. Hopefully, we can be on the same page where people's expectations are realistic and met."

Interrupting Racism Workshop

Another announcement was made that may benefit the faculty. The Interrupting Racism Workshop is an anti-racism workshop that allows faculty to work together to prevent this timely issue.

"On November 21 we have one more faculty session of the Interrupting Racism. At that one we'll be working through scenarios and using our racial equity lesson to practice that... We have plenty of spots available."


There were many points made at the meeting that voiced faculty concerns and the apprehensions of those making faculty decisions.

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