Teach Out Gathering

People gathering at the Teach Out today in Stan State's quad after solutions were deliberated on to move froward. (Signal photo/ Kristen Dias)

Students, faculty and community members gathered in solidarity at the quad for a “Teach Out” today. This was in response to the white supremacist, Identity Evropa, posters placed around campus last week. The community is outraged by their resurface on campus and are eager to find solutions.

Today’s Teach Out was led by Dr. Banales’ Ethnic Studies class, Indigenous Students of Activism (ISA) and an organization called wokepocalypse as part of the Ethnic Studies Transformation Tuesdays program to create change within the community. Teach Out attendees had the opportunity to express their concerns about Identity Evropa's return to campus once again.

Christian Fine (senior, Theater, Ethnic Studies) said, “Of the four years I’ve been here, I’ve seen the white supremacist group in question, Identity Evropa. I’ve seen them have a presence on this campus...I feel like our students are not being protected because this group keeps popping up.”

Christian Fine (senior, Theatre, Ethnic Studies)

Christian Fine (senior, Theatre, Ethnic Studies) signing a drop banner after the Teach Out in Stan State's quad. (Signal photo/ Kristen Dias)

ISA recently put up posters advocating for Indigenous People, many of which read, “You’re on Indigenous land.” Shortly after, students noticed that the signs had been removed and intentionally replaced with Identity Evropa posters.

The Signal has heard from student groups including ISA and MECHa that they have asked for help and are not satisfied with the response. President Ellen Junn sent out a university wide email that was vague and did not call anyone out in particular. 

Ellen Junn's email

A copy of Presiden Junn's email regarding the Identity Evropa posters

The way the email was worded to the campus community in response to the posters seemed poorly handled, according to Aleta Mascorro (senior, Theater, Ethnic Studies).  “That if not anything, is a direct attack on the students,” said Mascorro.

The protestors stressed how important it was to denounce this group, which is a hate group.

“That rhetoric is allowed to be present on this campus and no statement is being made against it...They’re calling for nazification," Fine said.

faculty data

Faculty demographics for Stan State

Mascorro offered solutions for Stan State's administration to make students feel better about this situation including hiring more faculty of color and adding university-wide Ethnic Studies/ Social Justice educational requirements. Mascorro also explained how President Junn, who was away all week, could take action on the issue.

Aleta Mascorro (senior, Theatre, Ethnic Studies)

Aleta Mascorro (senior, Theatre, Ethnic Studies) at the teach-out in Stan State's quad. (Signal photo/ Kristen Dias)

Mascorro said there should be, “Public denunciation of white supremacy by President Junn on this campus...It doesn’t do justice to claim diversity and inclusion when you’re not acknowledging whose land you’re on.”

Karym Sanchez, a community organizer in Modesto, came to the “Teach Out” and performed a spoken word piece. He said, “I want to see youth become politicized...If you’re not at the table, if you’re not engaged, then you’re probably on the menu.”

These protestors will continue to fight against racism on campus. To stay updated on what these activists are up to, follow @isa.csustanislaus and @wokepocalypse. 

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Wow, this guy rapping on the video said he shuts down conversations he doesn't think are productive. Plus the people were chanting "we have nothing to lose but our chains." Is communism growing on Stan State's campus?


He said he'd stop any non-critical conversations.

Also, breaking away from one's oppression doesn't equate with communism. Check yourself and your knowledge before ignorantly commenting.

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