Stan State students can now search for classes on CSU Fully Online

Choosing classes for the upcoming semester is often challenging for students. An even bigger challenge is not being able to enroll in a course, or having a course be cancelled due to low enrollment. CSU Fully Online is a program that can help solve some of these problems.

CSU Fully Online  was created for students to be able to finish their bachelor’s degree sooner. As long as the student is enrolled full time at their main school, they can participate in CSU Fully Online at no additional cost.

Communication Studies professor, Dr. Marcy Chvasta said, “The advantages to this program is to help students keep doing the 15 credit semesters.”

Although this program is available, it is still new and many students are still unfamiliar with it.

Yzelle Fonseca (Junior, Criminal Justice) said, “Why isn’t this common knowledge? I know that I would love to use this program.”

Tasneem Masud (freshman, Criminal Justice), feels that Stan State should make this program more known around campus. “They should have workshops and information time for students to ask question and learn more about the program,” Masud said.

The program requires that students already have completed one semester and have at least 12 units. Students also must have a 2.0 GPA to use the program and be paying full time tuition at a CSU campus. When you are picking out classes for next semester think about looking at CSU Fully Online course list. The Spring 2019 course list is now  available.

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