Yes On 10

The ASI fee of ten dollars has raised the question, "where the money is going". (Signal photo/Alyssa Patterson)

With the new fall semester well underway, students are still voicing their concern on ASI’s budgeting, questioning where the funds from “yes on 10” are going towards.

ASI’s president, Maria Marquez, explains where the ASI fee of the extra ten dollars is being used.

“The funds are allocated just how we advertised them to our students during the Imagine the Possibilities campaign last Spring semester. If you see within our ASI Budget, on our webpage within the school website, you can see how the organization allocates the money.”

On their website they explain where the funds are going, starting with the aid of  student’s success, to funding for warrior pride events like Warrior Day or Welcome Week. 

One popular concern students have is whether the budget for events like StanFest and Warrior Day is going towards the construction of the new Student Center. There are two different student organizations on campus, the Associated Student Inc. (ASI) and the University Student Center (USC). Each of these organizations overseeing something different. 

“The difference here is that StanFest is an ASI event, while the construction of the new Student Center is overseen by the University Student Center Board of Directors. They oversee the new Student Center and what goes on within this building. Both ASI and SC [University Student Center Board of Directors] are two different student organizations on campus,” Marquez said.

ASI's website is transparent, allowing students to know where and how their money is being used within ASI. 

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