ASI Board Meeting

Michelle Nungaray, ASI Vice President, passing out copies of the new resolution of the new diversity resolution to the rest ASI board members. 

Two resolutions were passed during the last Associated Students, Inc (ASI) board meeting. One resolution is to recognize that Stan State is located on indigenous land and the second resolution dealt with problems regarding parking on campus. 

The first resolution recognized that not only the campus was built on indigenous land but the community as a whole. The resolution was brought to the attention to the board due to an incident with a candidate painting their face red during homecoming. Maria S. Marquez, ASI President, said, “We taking a stand to no longer paint our faces red due to us being on indigenous land.”

The second resolution tried to resolve some of problems with parking on campus. Marquez said, “Last years’ elections focused on the top three issues students wanted their student government to work on and one of them was parking.”

One focus of the resolution was to use 10% of the revenue University Police Department (UPD) receives from parking permits and parking fines to help fund Turlock Transit and a possible bike service for students.  

Some of the ASI board members voiced their frustrations with the University Education Policy Committee (UEPC) refusal to grant student athletes priority registration. UEPC requested for more data from students before they pass a vote.

Michelle Nungaray, ASI Vice President, said, “We have been trying push this for last 7 to 8 years, that’s where the frustration comes from.” Nungaray also  mentioned ASI already had students sign petitions for the policy and that alone should be enough.

At the end of the board meeting Nungaray called for any amendments the board would like to make regarding a new resolution that she planned to call for a vote in the next meeting.

The resolution supported hiring practices that create more diversity among Stan State’s faculty, staff psychological counselors and police officers to better represent the campus.  

Nungaray spoke on her initiative to better help the mental health of students.  “I have been getting a lot of students coming to me saying I didn’t go to counseling because I can't relate to the counselor,” Nungaray said. 

The meeting was adjourned after a few more announcements.

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