Ranking shows people the level of achievement that has been demonstrated and recently, Stan State has been received a high ranking for its quality.

RegisteredNursing.org has created it's 3rd Annual State RN Program Rankings. The site has provided a list of the best nursing school programs for each state in the United States.

In its list of the best nursing school programs in California, which consists of 126 analyzed and 50 ranked schools, Stan State was named 13. This indicates the high levels of consistency in the nursing program here on campus.

The site uses data from each state’s board of nursing from a year span of 3-5 years in order to show the consistency of the programs and its rankings.

Bryce Hall, the Head of Customer Relations at RegisteredNursing.org, expresses the sites confidence in their focus on consistency. “We believe in consistent NCLEX-RN pass rates by students shows a stable learning environment; great faculty, great education, great outcomes.” Hall went on to say, “By showcasing consistent pass rates over a period of years instead of one year we can draw conclusions into the school's program efficiency and progress of faculty loyalty, cohort selection, and post-graduation hiring success as well.”

Upon hearing the news, Dr. Debra Tavernier, the Director of the School of Nursing, was excited to hear about the ranking. However, the ranking did not surprise her and credits all the faculty, staff, and the student’s in the program. Tavernier says, “The student continuing to work hard, faculty working hard, our staff making sure the students have what they need, so yeah, it's truly a team effort. Our success belongs to all of us.”

Dr. Tavernier added that she believes that the ranking is the result of the people in the program creating their own luck. Believing that “The harder you work, the luckier you get,” she identifies the program’s climb up the rankings as “a testament to our luck that we’ve created for ourself.”

Wendy Matthew, a professor in the nursing program, shares Dr. Tavernier’s views that the hard work from everybody in the program is the reason for the high ranking. Dr. Matthew said, “We all work so well as a team, from leadership-to-faculty-to-students, we are all working towards the same goal. Our aim is to create outstanding nurses and we have been successful in doing so.”

The ranking of the program emphasizes the achievement and hard work of the students here on campus.

Consuelo Hernandez (4th year, Nursing), a student in her 5th semester in the nursing program, shares the sense of excitement for the ranking. She said that “I have been blessed to see how much our director, professors, clinical instructors, and supporting staff do to guide us to become competent, caring nurses.”

Hernandez added the emphasis on the passion that is exhibited in the program. She said, “Not only do they see us as students, but also as future co-workers. They constantly tell us that they want us to be the best nurses we can be because we will someday be taking care of them or their family members. They do not see teaching as a job, they see it as their passion, calling, and responsibility.”

Fatima Serratos, who graduated from the nursing program in Spring 2016, reflects on how the process of getting through the nursing program. She said, “All the hard work and expectations were not just in vain; it was all part of a greater purpose. The purpose and goal to make me the RN I am today. My goal someday is to come back do my masters in teaching and teach nursing at this school.”

Meanwhile, other students, like Emlyee Creech (4th year, Nursing and Psychology), are not influenced by the ranking. She said, “I am biased in the sense that I feel that CSU Stanislaus has the #1 program despite this ranking. Our instructors are phenomenal, our equipment and labs are superb, and the ways we are being taught are consistently being improved. While I have never attended these other schools, I am also happy for those programs above us in the ranking. Each of these schools is very different in their own unique way.”

Creech went on to say, “I am proud of my school for accomplishing such high rank, but don't feel everybody has the same preferred requirements or elements to adequately rank such an intricate subject.”

Creech adds that the pride that she feels for being apart of the program is much more than the ranking. Creech said, “My pride is that of a student nurse who is planning on committing my life to help others every single day, just like student nurses in the #1 ranking program, or the #126 ranking program.”

The importance of the ranking will be perceived differently by different people, but it can still motivate students, like Victoria Warsing (Freshman, undeclared), who is looking to get accepted into the program in the future. “Hearing about their ranking inspires me to push harder in my academics so I can hopefully be a part of such a prestigious program in the future.” Warsing contributes her goal to become a nurse to her love of helping people and her grandmother, a former ER Nurse, who she cites as “my biggest inspiration when it came to what I wanted to do after high school.”

The ranking by RegisteredNursing.org has given an overview of the quality to expect from the nursing program here at Stan State. Being ranked 13 of 126 has shown the quality of the nursing program and they hope to continue demonstrating their drive to help students become nurses.

Edited for grammar on Paragraph 13 and proper titles for professors.

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