Continuing with the #TransformativeTuesday, this week’s #TransformativeTuesday consisted of a rally full of spoken word, poetry and music. Multiple community members, students and faculty banned together to fight against racism and hate in a peaceful assembly.

Olivia Chaboya (freshman, Sociology, Ethnic Studies minor) was one spectator at the rally observing and listening to the music and spoken art that was presented. “It’s comforting because it’s bringing our cultural backgrounds onto our campus and being able to relate to that and other students as well, I think that’s important," she said.

The Student Collective made up of the Ethnic Studies Club, Indigenous Students in Activism, M.E.Ch.A and WokePOCalypse, the organizers for the rally, said, in a statement given to the Signal, that the #TransformativeTuesday provided "a platform for people to express their thoughts and feelings in a more positive way in order to combat the hate and racism on our campus and the Central Valley as a whole."  

"In line with the teachings of Ethnic Studies, we wanted to make this event more open to the campus and the surrounding community to create solidarity among people from various walks of life. We also appreciate President Junn taking the time to come out to our event today and scheduling meetings with the Student Collective to further discuss our eleven recommendations,” the statement read. 

After all the spoken word and music was done, there was an open mic in which attendees were able to share their thoughts and feelings. Among those to speak was President Junn, who said that representatives from Stan State are working with the city of Turlock in order to combat these issues.

Due to her hectic spring schedule, President Junn attended her first #TransformativeTuesday this week after having promised the students that she would make time in order to attend at the meeting she held with the students a few weeks back. However, she would like to “thank the students for putting this whole effort together to try to bring students together and help educate and give information about these critical issues.”

President Junn plans to continue attending the #TransformativeTuesdays as much as possible.

Briana Gonzalez, a representative for Congressman Josh Harder, was glad to see all the support present at the rally and both the office and herself  “want to be helpful in helping solve this problem.”

#TransformativeTuesdays shows no signs of stopping and they will continue to speak out against hate on campus and continue pushing for the List of Recommendations.

“Stanislaus State has a history of remaining silent and rather unresponsive when students voice their concerns about the campus. The consistency of the #TransformativeTuesdays movement show the dedication students have to creating a positive change,” said Vivian Bui (senior, Ethnic Studies, Criminal Justice), who is also a candidate for Associated Student Inc. (ASI) Director of Diversity.

The rally ended with the attendees singing the hit song, “Baby Shark” as a form of symbolism that the youth is the future and that these critical issues need to be solved in order to provide for them a safe future.

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