Intramural Sports

Intramural soccer is currently in season. (Signal Photo/Luke Swanberg)

It's easy to make excuses not to exercise, but the intramural sports offered at California State University, Stanislaus, (Stan State),  can make working out fun by combining your friends and a friendly game of your choice.

Intramural sports are a convenient way to get out of your room while providing an opportunity to reignite the competitive nature within you and forming bonds with new teammates.

Intramural sports were created with the intention to bring a campus together. The word "intramural" itself means "involving only students at the same school or college". 

Stan State designs the intramural sports with the intention of giving students the opportunity to play in different sports each semester.

"Every semester will be different in regards to what sports we will be running. I will try to offer different sports in order to get the most students as possible to participate," Intramural Programs Specialist, Victor Lucatero, said.

"Once this semester is over I will sit down and go over the good and bad then start working on what I will offer for the fall semester." 

Intramural sports are ongoing throughout the semester each year at Stan State. Playoffs and championship games are played before the semester ends giving students oppotunities to try new sports and have the freedom that comes with playing sports without huge commitments.

Stan State makes it quick and easy to get signed up and out on the field in no time. 

"Students will be able to get involved in Intramurals by simply coming to the Student Recreation Complex and signing up. Everything is done in-house, which makes the process easier for both parties," Lucatero said.

Once signing up, those who participate have a few options.

"Students will be able to sign up as a captain or sign up as a free agent. If they sign up as a captain, they will notify us of their teams name. A captain from each team or a representative will attend a meeting, where we will discuss the day and time the sport they sign up will be." 

Intramural sports offer a unique opportunity for both casual and competitive students to play together.

"Its a good way for students who used to play a sport in high school to continue their love and passion for the game. Its also pretty competitive so it makes it more official than just an ordinary pick up game for example." Jordan Santa-Maria, a current starter for the Warriors basketball team, said.

Intramurals can also serve as a way to get connected with the university, through the students and the campus.

"Intramurals was huge for me making the men's basketball team here at the university. Many of the athletes actually play at the rec center so it was an easy way to show them that I could play at their level as well as make that connection," Santa-Maria said.

Currently, soccer is in season for intramural sports. The event following soccer next week is the beginning of Coed softball.

Entries are accepted in the campus recreation office located in the SRC student fitness center.

To participate, students will need to register online at the Student Fitness Center, per sport team entry is $10.00 and submit your team entry prior to the posted deadlines.

Click here for a look the schedule.

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