Illustration by Eric Lloyd.

California State University Stanislaus, (Stan State), returns 4 of its 5 starters and 7 players overall for a promising 2018 Stan State Warriors men’s basketball season.

When asked about how the number of returning players could help the Warriors, Guard Kaelen Mitchell (senior, Communication Studies) stated that having a familiar team for the upcoming season would assist them on the court.

“We already have that chemistry on the court that sometimes can take a little bit of time to develop, and I think that gives us an advantage in the early parts of the season,” Mitchell said.

The Warriors hope to have a more productive offensive season this year, and returning  Point Guard Jaelen Ragsdale (Sophomore, Communication Studies) feels confident the Warriors can find their groove on the offensive end this season.

“We want to get the best shot we can each offensive possession. Good ball movement with good cuts, so that we can get the shot we want, and not the shot the defense wants us to take,” Ragsdale said.

The Warriors were quite successful on the defensive end last season where they ranked fifth in the conference for points allowed per game.

The warriors hope to continue their defensive success this year and according to returning Forward, and team leader in blocks a year ago, Kyle Gouveia,(senior, Kinesiology ) “defense is all about effort."

"You have to want it more than the guy you’re guarding,” Gouveia said.

With swarming defense and togetherness on offense, the Stan State Men’s Basketball team could find themselves on the winning end of a lot of games this season.

Returning Players:

(*Starters from last season)

*Jaelen Ragsdale

*Kaelen Mitchell

*Kyle Gouveia

AJ Bigornia

*Richard Medina

Jordan Santa Maria

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