To be successful at any level of competition, teams must have focus, vision, drive, talent and determination.

Students on campus have a team that embodies each core element of competition and executes on them at each opportunity. What may surprise them is that this fire and success comes from California State University, Stanislaus', (Stan State), Women's softball team. 

"What most people don’t know is that we have a softball team on campus," Head Coach, Jessica Ventoza, said.

"It has been remarkable how many people don’t know we are a very competitive sport on campus and that we exist!"

Success on the field is often tied to success away from it. The Warriors exemplify what it means to be student athletes both in fierce competitiveness and in contributing to the classroom and community. 

"We excel in the classroom, we are very active in community service in Turlock, we are a good representation of what a student-athlete is and we work very hard off and on the field to be the best we can be," Ventoza said.

The hours devoted to their craft and community has manifested itself into a 9-5 current record while also producing several noteworthy athletes and accolades.

Players such as Cassidy Duke, Morgan Balesteri and Nicolette Vizcaino, the current seniors on the Warriors roster, all have stepped into leadership roles through their impact on the field and through ways that dont show up on the stat-sheet. 

"Cassidy was 2nd team All-CCAA last year and has been a vital part of our success thus far this year," Coach Ventoza said.

"Nicolette is our starting leftfielder who has done an excellent job on and off the field with her role as the #2 hitter in the line up and as a leader. Morgan is an all around athlete and utility player who has started in multiple positions and does her job where ever she is playing."

The next home game will be on Mar. 17 at 4 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. The women will be facing San Francisco State, whose record is 6-14.

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