The season is officially underway for your Stan State Warriors basketball team, and it's with a win against Holy Names University. 

The debut of Vasilije Saraba (junior) put on a show as he posted a double-double with 22 points and 11 rebounds in his first game as a Warrior.

Vasilije Saraba Heads to the Free Throw Line

Vasilije Saraba heads to the free throw line to add on to his great debut. (Signal photo/Austin Bathke)

The Warriors got off to a fast start as they posted a 12 point lead that they would never lose hold off. The Warriors, at one point, led by 23 points and never led by less than 10 after their 12 point start.

Even though the Warriors seemed to have a commanding lead most of the game, Coach Paul Trevor made sure that even during their low points of the game, he was not easy on them.

"There are expectations that I expect them to play at and even though we may be leading, we don't want to let up. And I have to bring them out of those low points even if we are winning," said Trevor.

Coach Trevor Gives His Team a Game Plan

Coach Trevor gives his team a game plan and tries to get them back into the game. (Signal photo/Austin Bathke)

The Warriors came out of this game with a win after a final score of 74 - 57. 

After the game, Xavier Francois (senior, Psychology), who finished with 10 points and 9 rebounds, devised a game plan for each game and how he plans to defend against his opponents this season.

"Each game is different obviously, but I'm able to box-out taller opponents from a distance and shorter opponents more closely. I am able to get those rebounds when I box them out and my teammates are able to find me when they can for those scores," said Francois.

Xavier Francois Finishes a Free Throw

Xavier Francois finishes a free throw (Signal photo/Austin Bathke)

Coming off of a double-double in his debut, Saraba took advantage of his opportunity.

"My coach put trust in me and sent me out there. I have great teammates to back me up. I just go out there and give it my best," said Saraba.

The Warriors look to improve to 2-0 as they take on Notre Dame de Namur their next game. 

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