The Stanislaus State athletics department has recently launched a webstore made specifically for apparel and gear representing the school’s athletics teams. The store is called the Stan State Athletics Sideline Store. The webstore has been in the works for over a year, and has created excitement among fans and supporters.

Those who log on to the Sideline Store can expect to see apparel and gear from all 14 of Stan State’s men’s and women’s athletic teams. Additionally, the store offers some of the most popular and recognizable brands, including Nike, New Era, and Russel Athletic, and more. The apparel can also be customized to include names, clubs, and other personal details. Sales and discounts on all products, including the higher-end brands, will also be offered regularly to shoppers.

Stan State Athletic Director Terry Donovan detailed exactly why he felt there was a need to implement a store dedicated solely to the sports on campus.

“This Sideline Store is meant to provide a needed service to our alumni, parents, and fans.  As a person who has visited many college campuses, I have always been impressed when the student body has a strong sense of pride in their university. School spirit and a sense of belonging go hand in hand,” Donovan said. 

Donovan elaborated further on what he hopes results from the Sideline Store. “We aim to improve the school spirit on our campus and in our community.  Our student-athletes notice when our crowd is loud and active.  They notice when we have a strong student section cheering loudly.  Our student-athletes see strong student sections when they travel to compete on other CSU campuses.  Having a sea of fans wearing Warrior Red and Gold at our events and on campus would be fantastic!” 

He added that the school has always sold athletic gear on campus, especially at home games, but felt that it would be in the best interest of the campus community to expand their selection.

Several members of the campus community, including student-athletes, have become aware of the new webstore and have since been filled with interest and excitement.

Jose Torres (sophomore, Computer Science) was very intrigued upon hearing the news of the launch of the online store. “I think it’s a good way for anyone like myself who is interested in a sport to have a more convenient way to buy their merchandise,” Torres said.

Torres, who describes himself as a huge baseball fan, talked about the current selection of athletics apparel at the university bookstore and the struggles he encountered when trying to find the right piece of Stanislaus swag for his liking.

“I think from what I’ve seen is that they need to add more sport related apparel. I would like to have more options to choose from depending on the sport. I was looking for Stan baseball apparel and was unable to find any. They seemed to only have the apparel for the sports that were currently in season, so it’s not very convenient and the selection is not the largest or most inclusive.”

Considering the fact that there are 14 teams as part of the school athletic department, Torres found it unfortunate that he was only able to find the gear of about five of those teams at the bookstore. He is glad that Donovan and the rest of the athletics department were aware of the lack of selection and decided to make a change.

Stanislaus State track runner Abhishek Saini (junior, Business Administration) expressed plenty of excitement when he heard about the online fan shop. Saini spoke about the potential benefits of the store. “I think it’s a wonderful idea. The webstore will hopefully provide a much wider selection for more of the sports on campus. With gear promoting my sport specifically, people may gain an interest for the sport and could even go out and support us at our meets.”

It is clear that there is a positive buzz surrounding the new Warrior Athletics Sideline Store. If you want to check out the webstore for yourself, you can by heading to

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