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Fitzpatrick letting one fly from the batter's box (Photo courtesy of Warriors Athletics)

The Warriors are rolling. The entire roster has been a part of the team's current streak that has put them in a race to the finish with California

State University, Stanislaus (Stan State), Monterey Bay; both teams fighting for a postseason berth. 

The team has had key contributions from staff ace, Jordan Kron, who was named the College Collegiate Athletic Association pitcher of the week for the second time this season.

There have also been players on the team who bring the team wins from the mound or from the batter's box; and one who does both. 

Austin Fitzpatrick, (junior, Business) bats from the right and throws from the mound and sometimes in the same game.

Fitzpatrick is a double-threat player who adds depth in the bullpen and to the lineup. His unique skill set offers a perspective few others have.

"Getting the chance to contribute as a pitcher and a hitter is a very unique perspective as a baseball player. Being able to do both has sharpened my game both physically and mentally and has allowed me to see the game from all perspectives," Fitzpatrick said.

"Thinking as a hitter helps me make a plan of how I will attack hitters when I am pitching, likewise when I dig into the batters box to hit I have a strategy of how the pitcher might pitch me in this particular at bat," the recent CCAA player of the week said. 

Playing from both sides has done more than help his approach but has also proved to be valuable to the entire team, especially to friend and staff ace, Jordan Kron.

"Me and Austin have a great relationship and have helped each other with pitching, in regards to what we throw in certain counts and how to attack hitters," Kron said. 

Fitzpatrick can put an end to an inning with his deceptive changeup or can put his team on top with a timely hit. 

"Having a player like him is unbelievably lucky. Guys like him don't come around often. A guy who can pitch like he does as well as give out offensive power serge is welcomed in any line up. He can give us a 1-0 lead with a swing of the bat and give us a perfect 1-2-3 inning," Kron said.

Despite their own personal success, Fitzpatrick, Kron and the entire team remain focused on one central thing: winning. 

"[the] biggest thing I contribute my success to is never letting the successes or failures of the game get too big. Playing on an even keel, having fun, and staying humble have gotten me where I want to be," Fitzpatrick said. 

Jordan Kron went on to say, "My mindset as well as the rest of the team's mindset is to win. It doesn't matter about ERA or batting average or personal goals. It's all about at the end of the day did we win."

The mindset that head coach Kenny Leonesio and his staff have been drilling into the team has been working. The Warriors are putting it all together at the perfect time. 

"We are focused and ready for the tough road ahead of us and have no problem dealing with competition. The toughest team wins and we have no problem being that team," Kron said.

The next game will be May 5 against Cal State East Bay at 3 p.m.Their current record is 31-15.

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