Stanislaus county has now moved into the green tier due to the amount of covid cases declining. While Stanislaus county is in the green tier, masks are no longer required to be worn in classes on the CSU Stanislaus Turlock campus.

A text message was sent out to students on March 17 letting the campus community know about the the new update that would take effect the following week.

Covid Protocol text message

Text message sent to Stan State community (Photo courtesy of Kristin Platts)

Julissa Espejo (junior, Sociology) doesn't mind wearing a mask in class, but does acknowledge the plus sides of not needing to wear one, besides not having smudged make up anymore, she said.

"It's easier to interact with people when you can actually, like, see their face rather than just seeing their eyes because you can't really tell," said Espejo. 

This is the first time since the pandemic began that masks are no longer required to be worn during class instruction on the Turlock campus.

The CSU Stanislaus Stockton campus, located in San Joaquin county, has been in the green tier for the past four weeks, and with the Turlock campus joining them, things are trending in a positive direction.

Screenshot 2023-03-19 001827.png

The CDC website, which currently shows Stanislaus County as low, will be updated every Thursday.

Myreia Enos (sophomore, Liberal Studies) is a fan of this tentative change to the face covering policy. 

"I'm completely okay with it," she said. "We're all vaccinated and I feel like they did a good job keeping us safe."

Marlene Ayala (freshman, Business) responded to the new change in policy saying, "I think it was about time."

This new change isn't permanent yet, as it will be a week to week decision based on if Stanislaus county is still in the green tier or not. 

To see the weekly update for the CDC advised protocol for face coverings, click here.

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