Some of the donations already acquired. (Photo courtesy of Brett Forray.)  

Blue barrels have been placed around campus for donations. These barrels are in collaboration with Turlock Together, an organization that gives back to low-income families over the holidays.

These barrels have been placed in DBH, Mary Stewart Rogers, and the facilities building to collect unwrapped toys or coloring books and coloring supplies to give to children in Stanislaus county for Christmas presents.

Nicolette Chingofor (junior, Communication studies) has participated in toy drives and discussed why she thinks these are important.

“ I have participated in many toy drives over the years,” Chingofor said.

“I think that the holidays are very important and everyone deserves to have a good holiday. I think it is sad especially, for kids when they are less fortunate when they have to miss out on things,” she said. “I think as a community is a good thing when we donate to others.”

Brett Forray is the admin analyst at Stan State.  

“The color of the barrels represents the Turlock together color. These are barrels that you can not only see on campus but also throughout the city,” said Forray.  “The university has been with Turlock together since 2011.”

He explains the purpose of this toy drive.

“It is to help low-income families to make sure they have food over the Christmas holidays and to make sure that their kids have presents to open on Christmas day,” he said.

They have set a goal of 500.

“This year we are collecting toys and coloring books. Our goal is to reach 500, ” Forray said.

Another administrative analyst at Stan State, Jennifer Sturtevant discussed where donations can be taken.

“If you can’t make it to drop off at a barrel, donations can be dropped off here at faculty services, by calling our office,”  Sturtevant said.

Forray noticed how the campus community is helping out.

“The campus community is being very generous with their donations that are helping us reach our goal” Said Forray.

All donations need to be in by Friday December 15th.  To drop off donations at the Faculty services office call (209) 667-3311

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