Nourish Farms, a family-owned business, celebrated their annual Autumn festival by promoting homegrown companies and offering a space for Turlock residents to come eat, drink, and spend time with one another. 

“We’ve done a few of them in the past,” says Nicole Trujillo, who organized the event. “We really like to open our farm to the community. It’s a way to showcase local vendors, but also bring people together.” 

Children chased each other around the farm, while their parents were off mingling with each other and buying items from the vendors, such as clothes, plants, coffee, and much more.

Chelsea Giffens, a local vendor, says, “I think this is a really sweet event for our families and our community. We love when the kids can come and play. We can find things locally from vendors, and I just love that concept.”   

This Autumn festival emphasizes the support of local businesses and encourages others to do the same.  They have a goal to sustain a sense of authenticity of independent stores as the pool of mainstream companies grows. Mom and pop shops carry a warmth with which big companies cannot compete. 

“It’s always good to get exposure for people who are doing their own thing,” says Arturo Trujillo, brother-in-law of Nicole Trujillo. “There are enough big companies around here, and it’s nice to see these families getting the exposure they deserve.” 

While Nourish Farms is doing its best to support other businesses, it also manages its own by providing resources to the community. The farm offers a weekly subscription service of herbs, vegetables, and other freshly picked products. Nourish has also partnered with several businesses, like Six Eight Coffee, a family-run operation which provides freshly roasted coffee to members of the community. 

“Every month families come down and pick up a prepared package of various vegetables,” says Trujillo, “We will be posting sign ups for a CSA for next year. People can sign up on our website.” 

For more information, you can email and visit their website at  

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