California State University, Stanislaus’ (Stan State), Theater Department opened their doors to the second play of the Fall semester called, Roosters.

Stan State students, faculty, and members of the community attended the play that was directed by Theatre Professor, Cynthia DeCure, at Stan State’s Mainstage Theatre.

The play, Roosters, is based on a Mexican American play that was written by Milcha Sanchez- Scott. It is also Sanchez-Scott’s most produced play to date which represents magical realism and is infused with English and Spanish language.

Theatre professor DeCure states, “The themes Roosters explores of machismo, violence and gender roles, are timeless. Roosters is a play about acts of transcendence.”

These themes are seen throughout the play which focuses on the story of Hector, a young farm worker, who waits for his father Gallo. Gallo has served time for manslaughter.

Hector is portrayed as the “man of the house” who provides for his family. He holds anger towards his father because of his lack of responsibility to provide and support.

Gallo on the other hand, plays the role of an aggressive and selfish father whose main love and focus is primarily on his rooster. His wife, Juana, is a housewife and mother of Hector and Angela.

Gallo and Juana’s daughter, Angela is seen as the central character who yearns to escape the constraints of her life.  

After the play, there was a discussion between the playwright and the audience. The audience was given the opportunity to ask the playwright, director, and the cast questions they had about the play.

Some of the questions that were asked were based on the playwright’s greatest inspiration for the play and what character Sanchez-Scott found herself in.

Sanchez-Scott mentioned that a picture of a handsome man with a woman staring at him was what inspired her to write the play and stated, “I found myself in the character, Angela and her unique character.”

Stan State student, Brenda Pedraza (freshman, Undeclared) shared her experience of playing the role of Angela.

"I related to her quirky and smart self which allowed me to go back to my senses of being a child again," said Pedraza.

Other questions asked were towards the characters of the play such as Gallo, played guest artist Luis Maya. He was asked how he was able to portray the role of machismo so well.

“It’s all an image of how you hold yourself. When I go to Mexico, you see who’s the toughest," explained Maya.

Maya also mentioned how playing the role of Gallo was difficult, but in some way he was able to relate to the story.

“The respect you want from your father really hit home," Maya said.

Playwright Milcha Sanchez-Scott, is an American writer of Indonesian, Columbian, Chinese, and Dutch heritage who has written other plays like, Dog Lady, The Cuban Swimmer, El Dorado, Evening Star, Latina, Stone Wedding, and Regression 500.

If interested in viewing Roosters, purchase tickets online or at Stan State’s Box office.

Roosters will be showing November 15-19.

For more information call: Theatre Office: 667-3451, or Box office: 667-3166


Reporter and Writer

I am a senior at California State University Stanislaus (Stan State) with a Communication Studies major and minor in Psychology.

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