This year’s Stanislaus County Fair brings new foods, new vendors, and new experiences. The fair brings a blend of both kid and adult attractions but this year, the two have blended into one.

The new Walk in the Wild exhibit is not just for kids but also adults. There are portions just for kids like the insect table and the dinosaur bone dig, but the animals in the cages will bring in both the young and older crowd. These animals come from Canada to South America to even Australia.

Walk In The Wild

This baby cat is one of many animals that are at this new attraction.

Many of these animals are on the endangered list or are close to getting there. The staff of this exhibit will teach kids about these animals and help bring awareness to this problem. Through hands-on games and interactive parts of this display, kids and older adults can share this experience of seeing these animals, possibly for the last time.

Sadly kids can't pet these larger animals, but there is another live attraction that is all about direct interaction.

Feeding the Stingrays

Elias Futch tried to feed the oldest stingray at the booth, he wasn't taking the bite.

At the Stingray Encounter booth, which is already a crowd favorite from yesterday’s media preview. The visitors were both excited to see the rays but also terrified when they would swim over their hand. Elias Futch from KCSS said, “I could feel them sucking the shrimp off my hand, like a suction cup.” The stingrays range from one year old to the oldest being ten years old.

4H bringing out the baby animals

Most of the animals were camera shy, so here are the two brave ones.

If the line is too long to pet the stingrays, the 4H Farmyard Experience has many more creatures to pet and learn about. From piglets to a pregnant cow, the Central Valley shows it's colors and history through the work of the 4H. This year they decorated their portion of the fair as the old west, which was a job well done. This section is for all ages, as is the new food vendors that have brought something fresh and new to the County Fair.

Waffles, Crepes, & Beignets!

Powder Sugar is not just a topping, but also an essential component to making these treats so delicious.

Not too far from the 4H farm is the Waffle, Crepes, & Beignets booth that brings the elegant desserts of France to the Valley. Filled with Nutella, marshmallows, and more, these crepes were delicious and the beignets were as good as they looked.

Remembering Our Fallen

Ron Zell brings this moving exhibit for all to learn and remember those that have fallen.

For those that want to go to the fair for more than the food and rides, there is a new exhibit that is a very important and heartfelt memorial dedicated to the California fallen heroes. Remembering Our Fallen is a photo memorial that has compiled of fallen troops that go back from 9/11. Ron Zell is the California Representative of this display and is part of the traveling memorial. He says, “There are 750 men and women here, that’s the contribution for our Country’s sake that California has made, which is twice of any other state.”

Our California Fallen Heroes

Many of the pictures of the Fallen are accompanied with letters from love ones.

Zell has brought this exhibit to the County Fair to help show awareness of the toll it takes on both those that have fallen and to those that have returned. Zell said that a majority of the posted pictures are from our troops that have died in combat but there are a few that symbolize those that have returned with PTSD. “Everyday and every hour, a veteran kills themselves so there are some that are represented here.”

He went on to tell us about a man who lost both his leg and arm from an explosive and when he came back was not able to adjust to this new lifestyle. Zell said, “It’s because of the war that he wasn’t killed in action, but just killed.”

Stories like these aren’t meant to make people sad or mad but instead to help those that want to remember those they have lost. There is something for everyone at this year's fair, don't miss out on the fun!

The Highest View

The view from the fair's Ferris wheel. 

The Stanislaus County Fair starts today at 5 pm and will run for the next 10 days. Information and concerts can be found at the fair’s website at 

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