According to an anonymous tip, the Riverbank Krispy Kreme will be closing today.

This comes as a surprise to many residents and consumers of the doughnut franchise.

The Modesto Krispy Kreme closed in 2005 and eight years later the Riverbank branch opened its doors and stayed open for the last five years. It has served many locals from Riverbank and surrounding cities.

“Krispy Kreme is closing because the owners of the shopping center did not want to renew their lease in a way that would allow them to sell coffee or espresso drinks.”

Krispy Kreme is mainly known for their seasonal and traditional doughnuts but because they also sell coffee drinks, they are a competitor to the neighboring Starbucks.

“When Starbucks renewed their lease they told the owner of the shopping center that they didn’t want anyone else, competition wise, to be able to sell those drinks because they are their best sellers. Because Starbucks renewed their lease first, Krispy Kreme was out of luck.”

As a result of this stores closure, many of their workers will either have to find another job or take the trip to Stockton, Fresno, or Brentwood. “For a lot of workers, the drive might be too far or can’t have their miles covered, which means they are pretty much out of a job.”

According to Jose Castaneda, the Stockton Krispy Kreme supervisor, “Some of the workers at the Riverbank Krispy Kreme are currently looking for other jobs. Some of the supervisors might come to our store but the rest are looking at other places for work.”

The Krispy Kreme location wants the closure to be understated.

“When the workers asked if there will be any specials, deals, or a ‘going out of business’ celebration, the owners replied with ‘we don’t want to attract attention on the matter.’ I wouldn’t be surprised if there is nothing posted about them closing. This means Thursday will come and there will be a sign simply saying ‘closed,’” the anonymous source said.

The general manager of the Riverbank location confirmed the rumor but denied an interview. Another offered to answer questions but then stated “we just got really busy” then hung up. 

As a result of the closure there will be one less doughnut store in the Central Valley, but this doesn’t mean that they’re gone for good. A relocation is a possibility but it wouldn’t be open any time soon.

Castaneda claimed that “The Krispy Kreme in Riverbank and many other tuttle stores to actually become factory stores. From what I know, they are trying to do more factory stores instead of tuttle stores.”

A tuttle store is the receiving end of the factory store. They make and deliver doughnuts and then the tuttle stores like the Riverbank one, then heat and glaze them.

For the doughnut lovers out there, you still have over 30 doughnut stores to choose from. They can be found from Turlock to Escalon.

In a world of doughnuts, be a sprinkle.

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