Group Photo

Group picture of everyone at the event. (Photo Courtesy of Andrew  Cabrera). 

Seven Island Union (SIU) hosted the second annual Asian night, an international dinner, where guests could experience dances, as well as the food of the cultures that were represented that night

The night started out with hip-hop performances from Aesthetic dance academy. Director Melanie Lumauig shared the mission statement of the academy.

“To help keep youth in the community off the streets from drugs and violence, to provide a safe environment to express themselves positively," said Lumauig.

These dancers started the night out getting the audience pumped up and ready for an unforgettable performance.

This was the only performance based on a dance that started in the United States. 

Aesthetic dance academy ready to get  the night started. (Photo courtesy of Andrew Cabrera)

The rest of the performances were based off of different countries in Asia. They took the guest on a trip around Asia just by their performances and some event taught why the dance is done in a certain way. 

SIU members took part in the Cambodian coconut dance. They managed to learn this dance in just three days.

SIU members take part in a traditional coconut dance from Cambodia. (Photo courtesy of Andrew  Cabrera).

Representing India, Blessy did a bollywood performance. She wowed the crowd with her dancing and had two performances, one of them which represented where she was from, South India.

Blessy dancing to a Bollywood number. (Photo Courtesy of Andrew  Cabrera).

Pacific Islander Club of California State University Island Stanislaus (Stan State) showed a traditional candle dance.

Members of Pacific Islander Club performing the Candle dance. (Photo courtesy of Andrew Cabrera).

The night took guests to Cambodia when Khemer Youth of Modesto performed a traditional flute dance. This dance is done by the males and females will dance around the flower if they are attracted to the male. This dance is originally called the robam kaine. 

Khmer Youth of Modesto doing a traditional flower dance. (Photo Courtesy of  Andrew Cabrera).

A K-Pop and J-Pop performance was done to show Japanese pop and Korean pop music. Dilixiati Qiaoguluke and Yuka danced to the song  "TT" by TWICE

Performers Dilixiati Qiaoguluke and Yuka performing a K-Pop number. (Photo Courtesy of Andrew Cabrera).

However, not all performances involved dancing. A martial arts performance was done by Aaron Wen and Ryan Mill. After this performance, president and host Japjit Kaur (senior, Computer Science) joked around letting people know to not mess with members of the Seven Islands Union. 


Ryan Mill and Aaron Wen doing a martial arts performance. (Photo courtesy of Japjit Kaur)

Along with the incredible dancing, guests were treated to cultural food that represented the cultures being showcased at the event. The food was brought to the tables by the volunteers and they made sure that everyone was content with what they had.

They provided a separate meal for vegetarians. The volunteers were coming around with the food that was offered to see if anyone would like to have anything more. 

Food represented the countries that were being showcased. (Photo Courtesy of Andrew  Cabrera).


Evelyn Suarez (freshman, Psychology) found the food to be a highlight of the night, along with the performances.

“The dances were my favorite because I have never experienced them before,” Suarez said.

The officers of SIU were very proud to host this event to promote their cultures and their club on campus.

The SIU mission statement is, “to reduce the cultural differences and provide a homely environment to the International Students. Guide them with all the whereabouts of the college, city and the education system of California State University. The purpose will be to make everyone feel attached to their own culture, even though they are miles apart from homeland. A hint of their own cultures, networking, knowing facts about different cultures, and create a blend of all the fascinating cultures and be one. Also, the American students are warmly welcomed to share and understand their norms and notions of the society, and in addition, to stimulate and promote friendship and understanding between international and American students.”

SIU treasurer Alex Perumalla (senior, Computer Science) was one of the hard-working club members who made this night possible.

“The preparation was stressful and a lot of work, but in the end, it was worth it. At the end of the day people enjoyed the event," said Perumalla “This event is the start of a new tradition. We will be hosting annual international dinners."

Before wrapping the night and opening the floor for everyone to dance,a group picture was taken for SUI's yearbook. The success of this event will now be starting an annual tradition for SIU. 

SIU is thankful to everyone that came to the event and helped make it a success. (Photo courtesy of Andrew Cabrera).


The night ended with Jyoti Dhanota making the announcement for the open dance floor.

Jyoti Dhanota makes the announcement for the open dance floor. (Photo courtesy of Andrew Cabrera).

SIU would like to thank the following people for making the event possible: 

  • Andrew Cabrera for taking pictures and videos at this event. (To check out his work follow him on Instagram 
  • Volunteers and performers for making the event possible. 
  • Their advisor, Brittany Fentress, for supporting them throughout the planning. 
  • Office of International Education
  • Jyoti Dhanota for getting a writer to cover the event for The Signal.
  • Kimberly Fischer for being the writer that covered the event.
  • ASI &USU 
  • All the guest that attended
  • Restaurants that provided the food, which are: Ranch Burger  of Turlock for the Korean and Japanese food, Nagina Palace of Turlock for the Indian food, Sunrise Bakery of Turlock for the Nazook and Baklava, Dynasty Garden of Modesto for the Chinese food and Gourmet Island of Tracy for Lumpia.  

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