The Vista Apartments opened their doors to residents in May of 2017. The new complexes presented a new rental option for incoming Stan State students, commuter students, and Turlock residents.

Since the Vista’s development, 27 year old Turlock local, Athena Edwards, has noticed a lot more foot traffic.

“If the school wanted more living space...they should have expanded the dorms or...added the apartments on the campus itself instead of across the street. With these apartments kids who live in cities like Ceres, Modesto, or Stockton don’t feel the need to commute. They can just rent out those apartments,” says Edwards.

The residents at the Vista have developed their own opinions on the Vista as well.

Vista resident, Lizet Martinez, is happy with all the amenities the facility has, but feels as though [The Vista]  are kind of overpriced; considering the fact that she only has a bedroom and bathroom to herself.

A resident at the Vista not only gets their own lease for their fully furnished bedroom and bathroom, but they also get to share the kitchen, dining area, living room, tv, and washer and dryer with roommates.

The complex’s amenities consists of a pool, fire pit, lounging area with tv, and a 24 hour; study room/theater, private study rooms, gym, computer lab, and a small lounging area consisting of a pool table, Starbucks coffee, snacks and kitchen.

According to an employee/resident at the complex, the prices range from about $660-$1450 based on preference.

The prices to rent vary from whether you want a studio, your own room, a shared room or an apartment ranging from two to five other people living with you.

Martinez, having previously lived at the dorms finds the individual leasing and the fact that the Vista apartments are cheaper make it worth the price that they pay.

Comparing the average cost of living one year at The Vista to the average cost at the dorm, the dorms cost  22.1% more. Noting that the dorms include a mandatory meal plan.

Renting a Park Knolls apartment in Turlock costs 10% more than a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment at The Vista because the Vista charges per room rather than per unit.

Individual leasing is what makes the Vista Apartments unique, however, since they charge per room rather than per unit the complex gets a lot more money per unit than other apartments.

A regular 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment at the Vista complex costs $825,making it cost 45% more than a similar Park Knolls apartment overall.

The Vista offers many amenities that the dorm and other apartments don’t offer making the overall pricing of the complex “somewhat fair,” according to Martinez.

All 660 available living spaces are currently booked so if you are interested in renting there join their waiting list and keep your eyes open.

Find out more about living at The Vista here or call (209)585-3845.

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