Krepe Dog is an upcoming, gourmet hot dog and fresh cut seasoned fries modern food truck, waiting to ignite right here in Turlock. Krepe Dog brings to the Central Valley a taste of the city without the hassle of burning the gas to get there.

The owners, Eileen and Jorge Rodriguez, wanted to bring something trendy and inviting to the valley where good atmosphere was within reach and people of all ages could sit down and enjoy their hot dogs and fries.

Krepe Dog's Grand Opening

Eileen and Jorge Rodriguez in front of their food truck: Krepe Dog. (Photo courtesy of Eileen Rodriguez)

“I always knew I didn’t wanna work for anyone else, and Jorge feels the same way, we always had that mentality like 'okay, we’re gonna make something of our own.' A food truck seemed like a good idea, and it's an upcoming and growing industry. I'm from LA [Los Angeles], and I’m used to the food trucks and the different things they offer. I wanted to bring something different to Turlock, and I felt the food truck was the way to go,” said Eileen Rodriguez.

She added that the start-up idea came from a friend that pitched them the concept. They began to look into "anything and everything to do with hot dogs and fries," Eileen Rodriguez said.

"We didn’t want to do frozen fries, so we decided to do fresh cut fries. We started looking for old trucks because we were afraid it would be too expensive, but then we went to a company that built food trucks and went with our gut and never looked back… Everything is a risk, sometimes you gotta trust your gut," Eileen Rodriguez said.

Jorge and Eileen have supported each other before they started dating. They mulled around ideas to open up a business, whether that be together or not. They soon fell in love and merged their dream into a reality by building their business together. It is their "baby."

“I’ve been there through the entire process in their business and in their relationship… we jumped online to see what we could find [ about hot dogs]. I know they traveled to LA and to SF [San Francisco] to sample some of the most highly reviewed hot dog restaurants. Even on the way back from their wedding in Tahoe, they stopped at a hot dog truck to compare and get ideas,” said a close friend, Jairo “Jay” Aguilar.

In the future, Eileen and Jorge plan to open up a second Krepe Dog, which may be a second food truck or a second location in a building. “... Right now our main concern is to provide the best service, quality and comfortable atmosphere, and, most importantly, the best food possible,” said Eileen Rodriguez.

"Eventually we will be moving towards loyalty cards as well as a student discount," said Jorge Rodriguez. 

The grand opening will be on Cinco De Mayo, and will be open seven days a week from 11 am to 10 pm at 61 W. Canal Dr., in Turlock, California.

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