We are almost to the middle of the semester, and we all know that means it’s time for spring break! Although we are still in a pandemic, it does not mean we cannot have a little fun from home.

As you all may know, we had our February Edition of WarriorTunes, which was centered around the general holidays of February. This time, for the month of March, we are centering around Spring Break only. You can find the playlist here, but feel free to read more on why the songs were chosen from your fellow Warriors and other community members. 

This playlist was meant to share what vibe students are bringing as we celebrate yet another spring break from home, but this time with hopeful spirits that we could return to normal life by the next spring break. 

Puneeta Kaur (freshman, Mathematics) chose the songs "Icy Grl" by Saweetie and "Telepatía" by Kali Uchis. “They make me feel like a brighter, better, and more positive person because ‘P’ power, especially double ‘P’ power, in this case a new term I have come up with, that is” she stated. “My Positive Puneeta Power really blossoms and shines forth!”

Daniel Castrejon (senior, Political Science) chose “Featherweight” by Wstr and “Me Vale” by Maná because, “they help bring me the spring break vibe."

Chloe Silva, a student at New Mexico Junior College (sophomore, Criminal Psychology), chose “Blueprint” by Stray Kids and NCT DREAM’s album “The First- The 1st Single Album -EP." “Blueprint by Stray Kids is really such a chill song and just kind of a kick back song talking about how we have a blueprint for ourselves in the future," she explained. "NCT DREAM’s The First album consists of 3 songs all having that ‘first love’ type feel. Each track is perfect for a spring break vacation.”

Signal Staff/Student March Playlist Created by Graphic Designer Samantha Tonarelli

Signal Staff/Student March Playlist Created by Graphic Designer Samantha Tonarelli

We had our fellow reporters here at the Signal share some tunes they are currently listening to as well, like “Are You That Somebody” by Aaliyah and “Clouds” by Milky Chance. 

We sure hope you like this edition of WarriorTunes, and we also hope we are able to help bring the spring break vibe to you from the comfort of your own home. 

We will see you next time! 

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