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The student-managed radio station at Stanislaus StateKCSS 91.9 FM, has launched a new program titled Valley Voices aimed at giving students and the local community a platform for their talents. 

Mattéa Overstreet is the station manager and program director at KCSS and is a senior studying Music Technology & Production. She joined the radio station in 2019 with the intent of highlighting local artists.

“I know how much incredible talent is waiting to be heard and discovered by our listeners,” said Overstreet. 

She envisioned a project that would incorporate different forms of local and student-made content that could be broadcast on the radio or promoted through KCSS social media and audio platforms.

“KCSS 91.9FM Presents Valley Voices is a unique new variety program that features talk segments created entirely by students,” said Overstreet.

The variety program includes podcasts, creative writings, interviews, poetry, and 100% local music from artists throughout the Central Valley.

Overstreet has been working with the students of Radio Production Laboratory (COMM 3112), which allowed her to see another side of audio production.

Senior Nathan Heisler Recording For Valley Voices

Stan State senior Nathan Heisler recording for Valley Voices from his home. (Photo courtesy of Nathan Heisler)

“I discovered that KCSS has been generating amazing podcasts over the years, and then the circumstances of the pandemic and remote learning led to a huge influx of podcast material created, produced, and performed by students,” said Overstreet. “I knew I had to incorporate this into my vision for a unique program that focuses exclusively on local music and Valley-based content.”

Dr. Greg Jacquay is the General Manager of KCSS and adviser to the student-managed station. He personally enjoys the content being promoted through this new program and hopes it fills a void left by not being able to be on campus.

“We've always valued our relationship with the local music community,” said Jacquay. “We miss putting on our annual Bandstand and other concerts that were a showcase for local artists. Valley Voices helps to fill that void and will hopefully serve as a bridge going forward.”

KCSS is hoping to see even more submissions to highlight local talent. Overstreet explained that the station is student-managed and programmed, which means that the station is looking for content that is from students as well as the local community.

“All creative submissions, local music, podcasts, poetry and trivia will be accepted for review by our station management," Overstreet stated. “Submissions should be in a recorded audio format, and KCSS can help with any questions pertaining to recording and submission formats."

Overstreet expressed that there are some minor rules concerning  submissions. They want creative submissions that benefit the listeners of KCSS.

She asked that those submitting content for consideration avoid promotions and endorsements of any entities beyond that of KCSS and Stan State. Any content with explicit content should be labeled as explicit to allow station management to review it for distribution through online platforms, which still has to follow FCC guidelines.

The station management wants students and the local community to know that they can submit inquiries such as questions, feedback, ideas or submissions in the form of recorded audio or video files to, where they will be processed by student management and “all inquiries will be addressed in a timely manner.”

Overstreet explained that the students of Stan State and the local community should not hesitate to reach to find out how “your voice can make an impact, spread awareness, and inspire others.”

Mattéa Overstreet At KCSS Prior To The Pandemic

Mattéa Overstreet at KCSS studios at the Stan State campus prior to the coronavirus pandemic. (Photo courtesy of KCSS)

She hopes that the program will inspire other Stan State students and community members as well as local musicians to use the platform offered by KCSS to “amplify their voices, interests, and creative passions through podcasts, music, and more.”

Valley Voices content can be found online at and plays on KCSS 91.9FM weekdays 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. For those who cannot get the FM station, it can be streamed online at

I am an avid Star Trek fan who spends his days trying to find time to play tabletop roleplaying games or board games. I also work for KCSS 91.9 Stan State's radio station.

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