Erika de la Torre

I love the fact that we are getting so many updates made onto our campus! However, I do wish this would have happened before I became a student here.

Since I started at Stan State, the campus has been under construction. This has made it kind of hard to enjoy campus when there is construction going on all the time. It has also been hard to enjoy because of both the Student Center and the renovated library when I haven’t been to campus due to COVID-19 and the shelter in place protocol that happened March 2020. To top it all off I will be graduating soon and have little time to enjoy our new campus features. Not to mention all the noise and dust that comes from the construction sites, it isn’t heard much in the classes, but does make for a noisy walk.

With that being said, I do think that it all looks good and both the Student center and the library turned out super awesome, and I know that the new outdoor study will be just as great. If it is done in time I will definitely be utilizing the seating to catch up on my homework and possibly charge my electronics.

Emily Ascencio 

I was very pleased to see The Signal covering the construction happening near the Demergasso-Bava Hall (DBH) building on campus, [but] he construction has been such an unpleasant sight to see.

I have walked past the construction site almost every day before and after class on campus, but had no clue of what was to come. Many other students as well have walked past it several times wondering what was to come of all this and if it would in the end make our high tuition fees worth it.

After reading Morely Brown’s article on the subject I found myself pleased yet unsatisfied with the project. The new outdoor study space seems like a great addition to our campus as it could use some more space for students to relax and focus on their school work, but it’s disappointing that this is the only thing I’ve seen our tuition money go towards. It’s mainly been constructions and renovations.

I would love to see some more articles on some useful resources the university has to offer students such as counseling, recreational activities and more. It can open up students to something they didn’t think they needed or didn’t even know about in the first place. It would also be a great way to show students that their money is being put to good use in all areas of the university, not just in construction and renovation.

Selena Estrada

I found your article about the recent construction happening on campus informative. It was interesting to read the exact reason for this construction. Since returning back to campus I have seen all this construction taking place by the DBH.

Before reading this article I would have never known a water fountain and ponds had been in this spot prior. It is great to hear that Stan State is utilizing tuition funds to give back to the campus. Not only giving back to the campus, but the students as well. This space will be utilized by students giving many a place to work outside and charge devices with the solar panels.

As this was mentioned, I thought about the current outside area with solar panels located nearby the DBH and parking. This made me curious as to if it would be similar. That was one of the things that caught my attention when reading your article.

When it comes to your use of pictures, it was great to take a look at construction updates since returning to campus. The first picture used is perfect as the main picture showcasing who is a part of this construction team. It was also great to include the other construction workers who were not in the photo. I enjoyed reading your article over the construction happening currently on campus and how it focuses on sustainability.

Odalis Cortes

I’ve read about your article regarding the construction space of DBH and its offer on new study spaces. I’ve been told by some classmates and some friends that have been going to school before the pandemic hit, that Stan State has been really updating itself.

The freshman and transfer students are getting the good side of this campus. I am one of those students and I am happy to know that you published this article regarding the new incorporations to the school and how they are going to be benefiting the campus life. I did not know that the construction taking place by DBH involved plans of “designing an outdoor space for students with various seating arrangements that will include benches with solar charging stations.”

As a student who did not have an idea of what campus life was before the pandemic, I like to see this kind of content because it makes me aware of how the school is trying to improve their spaces for the benefit of students and realizes that with the use of technology now day, we need more plus around school. I am definitely excited about this project and hope that it is done soon.

I would like to see more of this and in the future, who knows, maybe you can write about how Stanislaus State used to look and how it looks now while highlighting all of the good/new stuff that it now provides for its students.

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