As we transition into online classes, our professors will be needing our support more than ever. (Photo courtesy of William Iven from Pixabay)

It’s happened. The day has finally come when the very same professors who, time after time, have struggled to locate the volume button, wondered at the novelty of touch screen, and refused to close any tabs, have been forced to move to the world of online classes.

These professors (bless their hearts) are so full of knowledge and passion for their subjects and their students. However, they are not full of technological knowledge.

If you’ve ever had a professor suspiciously eye your calculator and remind the class of their no phone policy, you’ll understand that this transition out of the classroom and onto our devices will be challenging. 

So I urge you, when your professor spends 20 minutes trying to unmute themselves on Zoom, please have compassion. These intelligent and caring professors are bravely facing being dragged into a new era.

As much as we students are struggling to adjust to a fully online schedule, think about how difficult it must be for our professors who have to completely change their classes, mid semester.

Just as they have been patient with us each time we ask the same question that they just finished answering twice, let us be patient with them as they navigate this new and unfamiliar territory.

Instead of rolling your eyes while your professor wonders aloud about how to share their screen, jump in and help! If you do not know the answer to their question, use your amazing millennial skills and Google it!

None of us asked to be in this situation. CODIV-19 didn’t ask any of us if we wanted to move to the virtual classroom. Whether you’re a student or a professor, remember to have compassion for each other. The only way for this transition to be successful is if we support each other and realize that we are all doing the best that we can.

We are all in this together!

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