There are several members of the campus community who believe that the price of an on-campus parking pass is too expensive, myself included. After paying for a parking pass my first semester here at Stanislaus State, I have begun parking off-campus, free of charge. Of course, the exact location of where I park my vehicle varies on a daily basis, which means that some days, I must walk longer distances than others.

Walking along the sidewalk of Crowell Road on a cool, early winter morning, I stopped and stared. Not only did I stare, but I admired. The sky was pink and filled with beautiful stratus clouds. The view reminded me of cotton candy and a Jaden Smith music video. It was a whole vibe.


(Screenshot of Jaden Smith's "George Jeff" music video.)

I continued walking and finally entered the confines of Stanislaus State’s parking lot three. In this large, asphalt garden bed, I found myself at the electric car charging stations. Not only do I marvel at the sleek look of Elon Musk’s groundbreaking and environmentally friendly Tesla vehicles that were parked there, but I praised the simple fact that our school is so supportive of eco-friendly options and is continually encouraging all members of our campus community, no matter their age, gender or income, to make the easy $75 thousand investment of purchasing one of these futuristic, Earth-saving machines. 

As I proceed to enter the architectural landmark popularly known as Demergasso-Bava Hall, I take a deep breath. My inhalation of the perfectly clean and pollution-free air was not as deep as I would have liked, but fortunately, the decapitated trees of DBH were able to perform just enough photosynthesis for me to survive, for the time being. That was truly a special moment and experience that I have tried to repeat every morning since.

The opportunity to find a greater appreciation for our planet and its nature during a morning walk is something that I look forward to everyday from the very moment I awake. I am so excited to find this greater appreciation for these important aspects of our daily lives that I make the brave and courageous decision to hop into my very versatile Hyundai Accent hatchback, turn OFF the EcoBoost feature to reach maximum speed, and drive 20 minutes from my house to the Stanislaus State campus at a thrilling 90 miles per hour with Lil Dicky’s viral hit single “Earth” blasting through my speakers just to take in the beauty that this planet has to offer.

The Whip

A real beauty. (Signal Photo/Christopher Correa)

I try doing this every day, even on the days where I don’t have class, on the weekends and even during holiday recesses. The amount of money I spend on gas to support my efforts matter very little to me. Money is temporary, and so will our planet if we don’t find a way to save it, and saving it begins with an appreciation of the environment. My dedication is unmatched and indisputable.

Greta Thunberg and all three (3) of her supporters would be proud.

Greta Gang

(Photo courtesy of Guardian's Marten Thorslund)

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