April Fools Graphic

April Fool's Day Graphic created by Samantha Tonarelli. March 31st, 2021. 

As April Fools’ is approaching you can start mentally preparing yourself to be fooled, or maybe this year, you can take matters into your own hands and become the prankster. Below is a list of April Fools' recommendations. 

Messaging Using Song Lyrics 

This concept has been getting more popular through video making. It consists of choosing a song and texting the song lyrics in the form of a conversation with someone. This can be really funny and could possibly teach you new things about the person. Some of the most common songs used are “Into You” by Ariana Grande, “Let Me Love You” by Justin Bieber, and many other songs. You can use any song, it just depends on who you are pranking and what your objective is. In order for this to work, you need to make it seem like a normal conversation and the result will definitely cause some laughs. 

Place Fake Cockroaches 

This is an oldie but a goodie! Trust me, cockroaches can cause some screams. Taping some inside a lamp or just scattering them around the house can be the ultimate prank. Especially right now as the pandemic has kept us inside our homes for over a year. 

Police Follow Me Home Prank 

This can be really funny, if done correctly. This was a popular trend on TikTok a while ago where people would ask their family or friends to help them lie to the police in order to evade a ticket. In this prank, allegedly, the prankster would ask the person being pranked to act injured in some capacity when the prankster and officer arrive.

Since speeding tickets are extremely expensive and our loved ones want to help us, the way some people react can sometimes be exaggerated and hilarious. People would fake cry, lay on the floor, yell, get angry, etc. The end result can be pretty hilarious. 

Replace Photos

Another fun prank can be replacing photos around the house with random pictures and seeing how long it takes someone to notice. If you want to bring it up a notch and make it harder, you could photoshop family pictures and see how long it takes for someone to notice. 

Replacing photos from someone's room can be funny. It can be anything: a chicken, fit man, food, etc. Let your creativity flow!

Fake poop

This is an another oldie but goodie prank that is super funny and never gets old. You can use Nutella or peanut butter. Make sure to make it look dewy. You can use the old trick of needing toilet paper or just put some on the floor.

Caramel Onions

This can be a funny prank. You just need to get an onion and you dip it in caramel, making it look like a caramel apple. This is not only meant for onions but for anything, really, you can use garlic, onion, celery, broccoli, etc. 

Vegetables Instead of Donuts

Go to Dunkin Donuts or any donut shop and buy a box of donuts. Take out the donuts and fill the box with vegetables. Your friends will freak out and definitely be surprised (and probably mad). Don’t throw away the donuts though, just keep them hidden until the prank is over! 

Send the Wrong message

Send an outrageous message to someone and act as if it wasn't for them. They will be surprised and confused. 

This pandemic can be depressing, but a foolish day like this can help one feel better. So laugh and connect with your family and friends. Remember to have fun, as April Fools is a day to enjoy and laugh!

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