Students socializing near the Starbucks

Stan State students Gabriela Rocha (freshman, Kinesiology and Pre-Nursing), Aranza Ocampo Topete (freshman, History), Desteny Madrid (freshman, Criminal justice) and Babie Recinto (freshman, Psychology and Pre-Nursing) enjoying the social atmosphere at the Starbucks. (Signal Photo/ Randel Montenegro)

A new Starbucks coffee house has just opened to serve the Stan State community. The new location just opened right across the Student Union Building. Stan State students waited in anticipation as they waited for their orders of frappuccino and other varieties of caffeinated drinks.


Exterior of the Starbucks

Exterior of the Starbucks New Location. (Signal Photo/ Randel Montenegro)

One of the students who ordered was Timea Friesen (junior, English) and Abby Solis (junior, English). Friesen tried the Spinach wrap and thought the two dollar breakfast was affordable. “I think this one is really modern and it’s really’s really visually appealing and I thought the service was good,” Friesen said.


This Starbucks accepts Warrior Cash and serves breakfast sandwiches to Stan State students for $2 dollars. Usually, the breakfast sandwiches run out very fast and it’s best to go early as possible.


“I was really impressed when I walked in. I thought it’s really cool that there’s a Starbucks that looks like this on our campus,” Friesen said.


Two students having a wonderful chat

Two students Timea Friesen (junior, English) and Abby Solis (junior, English) enjoying their social conversation. (Signal Photo/ Randel Montenegro)

Solis looked forward to trying out the breakfast sandwich and was interested in trying out the iced Chai Latte. “It’s nice that it's specifically for faculty and students... this one is personalized to us and makes you feel proud to be on campus,” Solis added.


Many students were eating inside the cafe and one of these students, April Rosales (freshman, Political Science) was enjoying her Venti Green Tea Raspberry and an croissant. "Here, you can have breakfast all day at any time without the worry of not eating breakfast,” Rosales said.


Ross Calederon (freshman, Psychology) came here for the first time and liked the friendly atmosphere. “I think there's a more friendly attitude towards the campus,” Calederon said.


Calderon ordered a banana bread and a Iced Caramel Macchiato and really liked the order. “I tried to indulge in Starbucks maybe once every month or something. It’s a little snack to myself,” Caldero said.


Ross Calderon (freshman, Psychology)

Ross Calderon (freshman, Psychology) enjoying the Iced Caramel Macchiato. (Signal Photo/ Randel Montenegro)

Waiting in line can quite take a while. Prepare for longer waiting times, which is expected since students were excited to try out these new drinks and sandwiches.


The new Starbucks location is located on the left of the Student Union Building stairway.


If you decide to go out and try out the Starbucks, we hope you truly enjoy your experience!


Starbucks Student Union Center:

One University Circle, Turlock, CA 95382

Monday-Thursday Hours: 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM 

Friday Hours: 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Saturday and Sunday Hours: Closed


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