Summer is right around the corner and the heat is rising. As a result, our bodies feel dehydrated and thirsty. Stan State Students and community members share their favorite summer refreshers and homemade drinks. Recipes and summer refreshment details are listed below. 

Now that the weather has been getting hotter, refreshing drinks and beverages are best to keep our bodies cool. Annette Sotelo (sophomore, Child Development) shares her favorite summer drinks, “I will always run to Starbucks whenever I’m thirsty and want to drink something refreshing and cool. It's the cold sip feeling you need to refresh your body,"  says Sotelo. “I always try new Starbucks drinks, but my go-to drink is Passion Tea Lemonade. Ask for the Passion Tea Lemonade, sweetened with strawberry puree.”

Maria Irene Lopez Sanchez, a local community member says her family's favorite refresher is “Agua de Piña” (Pineapple Water). “We would gather together at grandma's house and make agua de pina there. We didn’t have blenders or refrigerators, so we did everything by hand. The older ones would chop the pineapple into five pieces and you would press the pieces against a rock called a molcajete. We would fill clay pots with water and let the flavor of the freshly crushed pineapple soak in. While this was happening there was another pot with hot water that my grandma will dissolve sugar in. We never added the sugar straight into the agua. After the sweet water was ready my cousins wouldn’t mix it in with the other pots and let it cool down in a shaded area”, says Lopez. Her memories of making Agua de Piña has brought her happiness by watching her family enjoy this refreshing drink.

Maria’s Agua de Piña Recipe   (6-7 Servings) 


1 large ripe pineapple

Sugar (to taste)

1 gallon of cold water 


  1. Cut pineapple into small pieces.
  2. Put the pineapple pieces in the blender, add 3 cups of the cold water and blend until smooth.
  3. In the jug where you will prepare your water, dissolve the sugar, taste, where the rest of the cold water to sweeten it.
  4. For the blended pineapple into the sweeten water jug and stir it.
  5. Serve and enjoy!

Manpreet Kaur (sophomore, Biology) shares her favorite summer treat and way to cure a sweet tooth, “I have a sweet tooth so I go to Starbucks and ask for the Strawberry Acai with no water, light ice, and raspberry syrup” Kaur enjoys this drink and says, “It’s a must-have for summer."

If you want to order Kaur's favorite drink, she explains how to order it , “Add however many pumps of raspberry syrup you want to make it sweeter.” Over the years she says “I always tweak this drink to “spice it up” and lately it’s been hitting the spot with the raspberry syrup.” It is her to go drink all year round and tastes great for keeping a cool temperature during this heat.

There are many ways to find your favorite summer drink. Many people like to order from Starbucks. In order to find your new favorite drink, check out Starbuck's secret menu items. If you ask for the right ingredients and flavors you will find that right drink for you!

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