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Located between Naraghi Hall of Science and the economy parking lot, the Sustainable Garden is a fresh and flourishing space on our campus. (Signal photo/ Kerry Young)

As spring time rolls around, the campus is coming alive with blossoming trees and blooming flowers. One spot on campus that is particularly lush is the Sustainable Garden, located near Naraghi Hall of Science.

The Sustainable Garden will be sharing their produce at StanFresh, a farmers market held in the campus quad on Wednesday, February 26 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. 

Two students who are  particularly familiar with StanFresh are Alexandra Dinsmore (junior, Agriculture) and Jalisa Baltazar (junior, Agriculture). 


The Sustainable Garden grows a wide variety of produce, including kale, cabbage, beets, carrots, and more. (Signal photo/ Kerry Young)

Dinsmore explained exactly what StanFresh is. “StanFresh is a market that is put on by the Ag Markets and Pricing class every semester. At the markets, we sell fresh produce that has been grown all year at the Sustainable Garden here on campus.”

The Sustainable Garden goes far beyond your typical selection of produce. In addition to the kale, cabbage, beets, carrots and citrus that they grow and will be selling at StanFresh, they also grow unique produce such as buddha hands and mandarinquats. 

“We have so much produce that I didn’t even know existed. It’s really cool to learn what students have been growing,” says Dinsmore. 

Dinsmore and Baltazar got involved with StanFresh through their participation in the Agriculture Markets and Pricing classes. Participation in the Sustainable Garden and StanFresh are requirements of the class. Both students agreed that the requirement has taught them valuable lessons within their trade. 

Baltazar explains that being a part of StanFresh is a great way for students interested in agriculture to gain experience in their field.  

“There’s a lot that goes into the market other than the back end where we are just selling things. We’re also in the garden. We’re picking and cutting down the fruit. We’re washing it and getting it ready for the market. It’s a whole new learning experience,” says Baltazar. 

The Garden

The Sustainable Garden allows students in the agricultural studies department to learn about the gardening and marketing aspects of agriculture. (Signal photo/ Kerry Young)

In addition to being able to enjoy the fresh air and sunny days in the garden, students also learn a lot about the marketing and pricing aspect of the agriculture industry. Being able to provide their peers with fresh, quality produce is something that these students greatly enjoy. 

“Getting involved in the garden and being able to sell directly to students was really appealing to me,” says Dinsmore. 

Baltazar explains what makes the Sustainable Garden a good place to buy your fruits and veggies. “It’s fresh produce. I mean, it’s grown right here on campus so it’s as fresh as you’ll ever get.”

Students and community members who are interested in buying produce from StanFresh are encouraged to bring a bag with them. However, there will be reusable bags being sold for $5.50 at the market. Those who choose to purchase a bag will receive a discount on their produce if they bring the bag back to the next StanFresh market.  

Purchasing produce from StanFresh is a great way to support Stan State's agriculture program while simultaneously supporting your own body by feeding it the nutrients that it needs. 

Contrary to popular belief, college students may not live on Cup O’noodles alone, so drop by the StanFresh booth this Wednesday to pick up some delicious produce and to thank the agriculture program for keeping Stan State fresh. 

For more information regarding StanFresh or the Sustainable Garden, visit their informational page here


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